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You need a Fourth option travel restrictions. I would Be there this year but2 week quarantine in Florida than 2 weeks when I get home

On the subject of masks: I heard on the local radio station (Kansas City) about the new mask requirements. Not just wearing; but what type, layers, full mouth and nose coverage, no wandering with food, etc.

To each their own.

I have no thoughts, per se, on the low attendance. I can only speak for myself. My last visit to WDW (never been to California) was in May of 2015, and really had no desire to return. WDW used to be an annual or biannual trip for me, but between the ever-increasing prices, the metal detectors and bag checks, the growing crowds in the off-season (my usual time for visiting), and the planning-right-down-to-the-second mentality I've had enough for a while. It seems to cause more stress than relief for me. Echoing an article from 2016 - I'm done with Disney for now. There are other reasons, and I may submit my own article in the future. I still keep up with Disney news, and one day I'll go back. For now, I've been visiting a smaller, more laid-back local park instead.

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