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Theme Park Tourist's In-Depth Collections

For years, Theme Park Tourist has been building collections of in-depth entries on some of the world's most well-known rides and attractions. Here, our full (and ever-expanding) collections of detailed explorations are yours to read. On an early morning, a rainy afternoon, or a snowy evening, set course for the almost-unbelievable stories of some of your favorite (or not-so-favorite) attractions to see the deeply interconnected stories of the industry, engineering, innovation, and imagination unfold.

Below, you'll find libraries dedicated to four of Theme Park Tourist's many in-depth collections: Lost Legends, Disaster Files, Modern Marvels, and Possibilityland, each section organized alphabetically by the name of the featured attraction.

As always, these in-depth features exist for you as spaces to remember, celebrate, and share your thoughts and stories. So settle in and dig in as never before. Have an idea of a story you'd like to have told? Click the profile link above to contact and submit your thoughts. This page is a living library, so bookmark it to return and explore as new features are added and updated.

This series aims to collect and chronicle the in-depth stories behind lost attractions. The hope is that readers can share their own memories and stories about these lost wonders – both good and bad – to help keep the stories alive for future generations of theme park fans who simply can't understand what the big deal was about these classic rides they never had the chance to see.

Image: Disney

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Why Disney Sank the Magic Kingdom Classic (click)
  • Adventure Thru Inner Space: The Retro Disneyland Dark Ride that Inspired EPCOT Center (click)
  • Back to the Future – The Ride: How a Journey to the Past Created Universal Orlando's Future (click)
  • Big Bad Wolf: The Swinging Suspended Coaster that Terrorized Busch Gardens (click)
  • BODY WARS: The “Inside” Story of the Forgotten E-Ticket That Left Riders Queasy (click)
  • Captain EO: The $17 Million Music Video That Changed Disney World Forever (click)

Image: Disney

  • ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter: The Terrifying True Story of Disney’s Scariest Attraction Ever (click)
  • Geauga Lake: Why the World’s Largest Theme Park was Abandoned (click)
  • The Great Movie Ride: Inside the Final Curtain Call for the Disney-MGM Studios (click)
  • Horizons: A Look Back at EPCOT Center’s Lost View of the Future (click)
  • If You Had Wings: The Magic Kingdom Classic that Gave a Generation Wings (click)
  • JAWS: The Lost Universal Legend that Scared a Generation Out of the Water (click)

Image: Disney

  • Journey into Imagination: The Tragic Tale of Disney’s Lost Masterpiece (click)
  • Kitchen Kabaret: The Nutrition Facts on EPCOT Center’s Animatronic “Dinner Show” (click)
  • KONGFRONTATION: The Complete Story of Universal’s Legendary Lost King (click)

Image: Disney

  • Lost Continent: How Disney Accidentally Designed and Destroyed Universal’s Lost Land (click)
  • Maelstrom: The Stormy Tale of Epcot’s Lost Norwegian Adventure (click)
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: Disney Fans Fought to Save This Whacky Ride… And Lost (click
  • The Peoplemover and the Fall of Walt's Tomorrowland (click)
  • Snow White’s Scary Adventures: The Spooky Story of the Missing Magic Kingdom Classic (click
  • Soarin’ Over California: How California Adventure’s One Soarin’ Success Spread Around the World (click)
  • Son of Beast: The Fall of the Tallest, Fastest, Only Looping Wooden Coaster on Earth (click)

Image: Disney

  • Space Mountain – De la Terre à la Lune: Launching Disneyland Paris’ Steampunk Peak (click)
  • STAR TOURS: The Stellar Story Behind the Ride That Changed Disney Parks Forever (click)
  • T2 3-D: Behind the Screens of Universal’s Larger-Than-Life Lost Legend (click)
  • History in Motion, Part II: How the Original TEST TRACK Changed Epcot Forever (click)

Image: Paramount / Technifex

  • TOMB RAIDER: The Ride – How One of America’s Best Themed Rides Was Buried (click)
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror: Why Disney Created (and Condemned) California’s Toppled Tower (click)
  • Universe of Energy: Behind the Extinction of the Last EPCOT Center Classic (click)
  • History in Motion, Part I: Epcot’s Legendary Lost Classic World of Motion (click)

Forget legends. This series is a growing collection of missteps, flops, failures, and "disasters." Embarrassing overlays, broken technologies, and tone-deaf "upgrades" that led to some seriously regrettable rides, attractions, and even parks. We'll explore the before-during-and-after of these unusual and unfortunate stories, see where they went wrong and what can make them right.

  • Backstage Studio Tour: How The Ride Meant to Headline the Disney-MGM Studios Killed It Instead (click)
  • Disaster Transport: The Disney Knockoff Coaster That Changed Cedar Point Forever (click)

Image: Disney

  • Disney’s California Adventure: How Disneyland’s Second Park Crashed, Burned, and was Reborn (click)
  • DisneyQuest: How Disney’s Plans to Bring Its Theme Parks Closer To YOU Crashed and Burned (click)
  • Drachen Fire: The Short Life of Busch Gardens’ Nightmare Franken Coaster (click)

Image: Disney

  • Enchanted Tiki Room: “New Management” Almost Closed This Walt Original (click)
  • Hard Rock Park: The Ambitious Music Park That Went Bankrupt in 150 Days (click)
  • Journey into YOUR Imagination: The Unimaginable Story Behind the Ride Epcot Fans Hated (click)
  • Journey to Atlantis: How SeaWorld’s Attempt at Disney Dark Ride Storytelling Sank (click)
  • Rocket Rods and Tomorrowland 1998: Why Disney’s Most Disastrous Ride Ever Literally Didn’t Work (click)

Image: Disney

  • Stitch’s Great Escape! The Tragic Tale of Disney’s “Worst Attraction Ever” (click)
  • Superstar Limo: The Disastrous Disney Ride That Lasted Only One Year (click)
  • Walt Disney Studios: How Disney’s Parisian Movie Park Became a Box Office Bomb (click)

In this brand new series, we dissect the true tales of some of the most astounding rides at theme parks around the globe; living legends that exemplify the brilliance, storytelling, and technology of leading parks. We’ll look behind-the-ride to get the full, unabridged story of these modern wonders and examine how their success is all in the details.

Image: Universal / Marvel

  • The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man: The Inside Scoop (click)
  • Curse of DarKastle: Busch Gardens’ Frozen Favorite (click)
  • Expedition Everest: Inside Disney’s Most Legendary Peak (click)
  • Frozen Ever After (coming soon)

Image: Disney

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth: Unearthing Disney’s Best Dark Ride Ever (click)
  • Mystic Manor: A Monkey, a Music Box, and an Imagineering Masterpiece (click)
  • Phantom Manor: Paris’ One-of-a-Kind Haunted Mansion (click)
  • Revenge of the Mummy: Universal’s Mummified Marvel (click)
  • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress: From the World's Fair to Walt Disney World (coming soon)

This series explores never-built attractions, lands, and theme parks and examines the parks we know and love if things had been done differently. Possibilityland is growing as we explore the in-depth stories behind these never-built attractions that could've changed everything if they'd ended up coming to life.

Discovery Bay. Image: Disney

  • Beastly Kingdom: The Imagined Land Animal Kingdom Almost Had (click)
  • Discovery Bay: The Inventive Tale of Disneyland’s Lost Land (click)
  • Epcot’s Project – GEMINI: Disney’s Secret Plans to Transform Epcot (click)
  • Muppet Studios: Disney’s Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Never-Built Land (click)

Image: Disney

  • Possibilityland: A Walk Through the Disneyland That Never Was (click)
  • Tomorrowland 2055: The Future Disneyland Almost Got (And the Failure It Goes Instead) (click)
  • Western River Expedition: The Would-Be E-Ticket That Could’ve Changed Magic Kingdom (click)
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