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LEGEND LIBRARY: Inside the Best (and Worst) Theme Park Rides Ever Created

Which Disney Parks have the most rides?  When have Disney's Audio-Animatronics "lost their heads?" What's the story behind demolished park icons like the Earful Tower and the Sun Icon? From the best Audio-Animatronics on Earth to the spectacular stories of S.E.A., these quick-read countdowns, collections, and features are favorites of Disney Parks and industry fans. 

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  • 8 Attractions Connected by Disney's S.E.A. – The Society of Explorers and Adventurers (click)
  • 6 Disney Clone Pairs You May Not Recognzie... (click)
  • 11 Infamously Flubbed and Failed Theme Park Attractions (click)
  • 11 of the Most Awe-Inspiring Park Icons and Their Stories (click)
  • 10 Forgotten, Demoted, and Lost Icons of Disney Parks (click)

Image: Disney

  • 25 Most Incredible Audio-Animatronics on Earth (click)
  • Seven Wonders of the Theme Park World
    • Seven "Natural" Wonders of the Theme Park World (click)
    • Seven "Ancient" Wonders of the Theme Park World (click)
    • Seven Modern Wonders of the Theme Park World (click)
  • 8 Spectacular Never-Built Lands at Disney Parks (click)
  • 10 "How'd They Do That" Special Effects That Still Amaze Us (click)

Image: Disney

  • 7 Disney Classics That Look Much Different Overseas (click)
  • 7 New Lands We'd Love to See at Disney's Animal Kingdom (click)
  • 8 Classic Disney Attractions Plussed by Projection Technology (click)
  • 12 Immersive Rides You Won't Find at Disney or Universal (click)
  • 8 Hotels That Let You Sleep Inside a Theme Park (click)

Luigi's Flying Tires

Image: Disney

  • 11 Short-Lived Disney and Universal Rides You May Not Even Remember (click)
  • 8 Extinct Disney Lands That Are Gone Forever (And What Replaced them) (click)
  • 10 BEST Times Disney "Plussed" an Attraction (click)
  • 6 Times Disney's Attempts to "Plus" Classics Really Turned into a "Minus" (click)
  • The Ride-Count Countdown: How Disney and Universal's Parks Stack Up (click)

Image: Disney

  • 10 Disney Classics with "Spiritual Sequels" You Might Not Think About (click)
  • 13 Cancelled, Closed, and Cop-Out Attractions Killed by Disneyland Paris (click)
  • 30 of Disney's Most Magnificent Attraction Posters and Their Stories (click)
  • 4 Kinds of Rides Universal Needs if it Wants to Match Disney (click)
  • Dark Magic: Inside the 12 Scariest Disney Rides (click)

Image: Disney

  • Peaks of Imagineering: Disney "Mountains"
    • 12 Best Disney "Mountain" E-Tickets Across the Globe (click)
    • 10 Never-Built Disney "Mountains" That Could've Been Classics (click)
  • 10 Imagineers Forever Immortalized on Main Street, U.S.A. (click)
  • From Ride to Screen The Best (and Worst) Movies Based on Disney Rides (click)
  • 10 Most Immersive Lands on Earth (and What May Soon Beat Them) (click)
  • Carnivals, Boardwalks, and Backlots: Stories from Disney's Least Immersive Lands (click)

Image: Disney / Lucasfilm

  • 10 Greatest Original Characters Created Just for Disney Parks (click)
  • 10 Places You Can See Animatronics Outside of Rides (click)
  • 16 of Disney's Gargantuan Showbuildings You Might Never See (click)
  • 13 Abandoned, Broken, and Canceled Special Effects at Disney Parks (click)
  • 10 of Disney's Most Outrageously High Capacity Rides (click)
  • 10 of Disney's Most Outrageously Low Capacity Rides (click)

Image: Disney

  • 10 Times Disney's Animatronics Malfunctioned, Froze, and Caught on Fire (click)
  • Do You Speak "Imagineer?" Must-Know Disney Parks Lingo (click)
  • How Disney's Smallest and Biggest Parks Measure Up (click)
  • 8 Most-Missed Disney Parks Characters from Closed Attractions (click)
  • "Formerly Known As..." Do You Remember the OLD Names & Logos of These 7 Disney Parks? (click)

Image: Disney

  • 8 "What Were They Thinking" Mistakes We're Happy to Forget (click)
  • Play-While-You-Wait: 10 Must-See Interactive Queues (click)
  • 8 Classic Disney Rides That Would NEVER Be Built Today... and Why (click)
  • "That's Not Dory" and 8 Other BAD Voice-Acting Moments at Disney Parks (click)
  • 10 Gasps-and-Goosebumps-Inducing Best Scenic Reveals in Disney Parks (click)
  • Are Disney Parks Full? Where We Think Each Park is Growing Next (click)
  • The REAL History of 6 Hollywood Icons Brought to Life in Disney Parks (click)

Image: Warner Bros. / Universal

  • Artificial Worlds: The Rise of Screens and Simulators at Theme Parks (click)
  • Will the Addition of a Star Wars Land Change Disneyland Forever? (click)
  • Back to the Future: The History of Tomorrowland at Disney Parks (click)
  • The Complete History of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights (click)
  • A Walk Through Shanghai Disneyland (click)

Image: Disney

  • DISNEY•PIXARLAND: Inside the "Pixarificaton" of Disney Parks (click)

  • Why I'm Done with Disneyland (click)

  • Why Disney Parks Should Get Rid of FastPass (click)

  • Alcohol is Coming to Disneyland: The Story on this "Tradition" (click)

  • Why It's Time to Bring Characters to Epcot's Future World (click)

Image: Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

  • Roadside Wonders: America's Historic Tourist Attractions

    • Weeki Wachee Springs: Mermaids are Real... (click)
    • Gatorland: The Alligator Capital of the World (click)
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