In this brand new series, we dissect the true tales of some of the most astounding rides at theme parks around the globe; living legends that exemplify the brilliance, storytelling, and technology of leading parks. We’ll look behind-the-ride to get the full, unabridged story of these modern wonders and examine how their success is all in the details.

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Forget legends. This series is a growing collection of missteps, flops, failures, and "disasters." Embarrassing overlays, broken technologies, and tone-deaf "upgrades" that led to some seriously regrettable rides, attractions, and even parks. We'll explore the before-during-and-after of these unusual and unfortunate stories, see where they went wrong and what can make them right.

  • Backstage Studio Tour: How The Ride Meant to Headline the Disney-MGM Studios Killed It Instead
  • DINOLAND, U.S.A.: Digging Deeper into Disney World's "Worst Land Ever"
  • Disaster Transport: The Disney Knockoff Coaster That Changed Cedar Point Forever 
  • DisneyQuest: How Disney’s Plans to Bring Its Theme Parks Closer To YOU Crashed and Burned

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This series explores never-built attractions, lands, and theme parks and examines the parks we know and love if things had been done differently. Possibilityland is growing as we explore the in-depth stories behind these never-built attractions that could've changed everything if they'd ended up coming to life.

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  • Never-Built "Mountains": Disney's Most Perilous Possible Peaks
  • Possibilityland: A Walk Through the Disneyland That Never Was
  • Tomorrowland 2055: The Future Disneyland Almost Had (And the Failure It Got Instead)
  • Walt Disney World: A Tour Through the "Possibility World" That Almost Was
    • Magic Kingdom – 7 Almost-E-Tickets from the Most Magical Place on Earth
    • EPCOT - 8 Pavilions That Only Exist in an Alternate Reality Future World
  • WESTCOT Center: The Never-Built Park That Would've Changed Disneyland Forever
  • Western River Expedition: The Would-Be E-Ticket That Could’ve Changed Magic Kingdom

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Sorry to reply to myself but I forgot one - Astroworld in Houston. It started as Texas's answer to Disneyland, became one of the pillars of the Six Flags parks, then was shuttered & demolished for VERY short-sighted reasons. It's definitely a Lost Legend.

I recall a couple of other articles that would fit here. One was on River Country, and the other was on Wet n' Wild.

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