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What If Disney World's 50 Golden Statues Honored RIDES Instead of Movies? Here Are Our Picks...

If we're being honest, it's pretty understandable that Disney World's "Golden Anniversary" is lacking some of shine fans had hoped for.

Is It Worth Taking a Teenager to Epcot at Walt Disney World? The Answer May Surprise You...

One of the most surprising things we’ve found bringing teens to Walt Disney World is they seem to really, really like Epcot.

Destination: Tokyo Disney! How You – Yes, YOU – Can Swap Your Orlando Trip to Japan

There's no doubt about it – for fans of Walt Disney Imagineering, Tokyo Disney Resort is a bucket list destination; home to what many call "the best theme park on Earth." There's an aura of mystery around the far-flung resort set down on the waters of Tokyo Bay, right in the middle of the world's

Ghost Stories: 5 Lost Central Florida Haunted Houses

Central Florida is haunted. Anyone who’s driven 192 or International Drive knows the ghosts. Plaster peaks of coming-soon golf courses that never came. Trendy bars with strangely cock-eyed facades. Car museums the conspicuous size of shopping malls. Gift shops that look like buffets. Buffets that

"Done With Disney World"? Give Disneyland a Chance! Here's Why It's Worth a Try...

you may have some very good reasons to believe that Disneyland isn't worth the flight! But if you're as fed up with Walt Disney World's burst bubble as we are, at least consider what "The Happiest Place on Earth" might do for you.

Do You Miss JAWS - The Ride? Here's How it Could Come Back...

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, here's how Universal could bring back Jaws...

Hollywood Horror Nights: 6 Haunted Houses That Deserve Movies

In March of 2020, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum casually mentioned that his studio, no stranger to the event, had talked with Universal about completing the circle: “We haven’t quite figured it out, but there’s definitely a movie in Halloween Horror Nights somewhere.”

6 Old School Trip-Hacking Skills You Need on Your Next Disney Vacation

It seems more and more that the greatest tool you can have to get an edge in a Disney vacation is some old-fashioned know-how.

Too Harmonious: Why Disney's New Copy-Paste Nighttime Same-taculars Feel Tiring and Uninspiring

both Harmonious and Disney Enchantment are good shows. They’re fun to watch. They’re bright and colorful. They have great song selections. They’re both good enough. It’s just that “good enough” wasn’t what fans had in mind to replace Illuminations and Happily Ever After

Strategies for Tackling The Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Standby Queue

After months of learning how to quickly tap through the virtual queue screens at exactly 7:00:00am, we must now rethink our strategy when it comes to riding Rise of the Resistance.

Review: Fright Nights 20th Anniversary at Thorpe Park

Take a look if you dare at what is in store at Thorpe Park's 20th Anniversary Fright Nights Event...

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