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Mean Streak To Steel Vengeance: Is this RMC Hybrid At Cedar Point The Best Coaster In the US?

Rocky Mountain Construction has a reputation for turning run-down wooden coasters into incredible hybrids. Let's take a look at what some consider to be the best of the best...

3 Ways Diagon Alley Could Be Expanded At Universal Studios Florida

Easily Universal’s biggest attraction in Orlando, expansion of the Wizarding World should be a top priority...

Coaster Craze: Why More Theme Parks Are Focusing On Family-Friendly Thrills

It seems more theme parks are aiming to create thrilling coasters that guests young and old can enjoy. Let's look at why this focus on family-friendly coasters is helping to create a better overall theme park experience.

Riding High: Exploring The 9 Best Roller Coasters Worldwide

From heart-pounding drops to innovations in coaster technology, we explore some of the world's best roller coasters that promise an unforgettable ride experience. Do you agree with our picks?

To Kill Opening Day Nostalgia: The Motor Boat Cruise to Gummi Glen

Disneyland of 1955 had numerous attractions that didn’t last long before being replaced, refurbished, or removed. One of these attractions slightly outlived the others, a ride that few remember, and for good reason...

OPINION: It Is Time Animal Kingdom Got Some Well-Deserved Attention

In the last five years, the other three Walt Disney World theme parks have seen great updates and changes. It is time that Disney turns its attention to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The Rise and Fall of The Now-Defunct Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando

What was the Nickelodeon Hotel, what led to its decline and is there hope for the future?

5 Untouchable Rides At Walt Disney World Whose Closures Would Cause Chaos

Let's take a look at some of the most beloved Walt Disney World attractions whose closure would likely spark CHAOS among parks fans...

The Age of RMC: 6 Cutting Edge, 21st Century Coaster Icons... And a Peek Into What RMC's Cooking Up Next...

Rocky Mountain Construction. The very name leaves coaster enthusiasts gushing, ranking, and daydreaming. Here are six landmark RMCs of the past and present and then two high profile projects that lay just over the horizon...

Shrek 4-D Vs Villain-Con... Did Universal Make the Right Decision?

Did Universal make the right decision to close Shrek 4-D and open Villain-Con Minion Blast?

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