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Epic Universe Is Coming, But What Might A Fifth Disney Park Look Like?

With the opening of Epic Universe drawing near, is Walt Disney World in need of a fifth theme park to compete? If Disney opened a fifth park, what could it look like?

Spreepark: Germany's Infamous Abandoned Amusement Park

Spreepark was once the most popular amusement park in Germany, drawing crowds of over a million each year, but within a handful of years the park had fallen to a state of disrepair… what went wrong?

With Disney’s Magical Express GONE, Is This New Bus Route From MCO to Walt Disney World Worth A Ride Or Pass?

After the loss of Disney’s Magical Express shuttle service there is now a new bus route connecting Orlando International Airport to Disney, but is it worth it for travelers heading to the resorts? Let's check it out...

The Reviews Are In: TOP THRILL 2 Isn't Just A Winner... It's An Ultra-Extreme, Best-In-Class Coaster

Top Thrill 2 isn't just a "return to form" or an equal substitute for Top Thrill Dragster. It's actually a whole new ride that independently serves as one of the best roller coaster experiences on Earth...

Gulliver's Kingdom - Japan's Creepiest Abandoned Theme Park

Gulliver’s Kingdom was once a unique tourist destination in Japan. Here is the story of its doomed existence and ultimate fate...

MORE TEETH: A Countdown of Universal's Best Jaw-Dropping Jurassic Park (and World) Attractions

Today, we'll take a whirlwind tour of the five theme parks where Universal's Jurassic franchise has come to life, counting down the top dino-rides from toothless to terrifying...

EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: Four Of The Coolest Coaster Elements

Roller coasters are a feat of engineering excellence. Elements on coasters continue to push the boundaries, and these are four of our favorites...

Take A Look At How These 4 Disney World Attractions Differ From Their Concept Art

Every attraction at Walt Disney World began its life as a piece of concept art, let's compare four early designs to the attraction’s final look…

Announced-and-Abandoned: 6 Disney Parks Rides, Lands, and Parks That Got the Green Light... Until They Didn't.

Today we'll explore several high profile projects – from rides to lands to entire theme parks – that were officially announced... before quietly disappearing from the docket.

Should Dinosaur Become Another Disneyland Clone?

It has been confirmed, that Tropical Americas will replace Dinoland USA soon. Should Dinosaur become an Indiana Jones clone or a different concept entirely?

Disney's Newest Avatar Plans Might Make the Same Mistakes as Galaxy's Edge... Here's Why

Here's why Disney's newest Avatar plans might make the same mistakes as Galaxy's Edge, do you agree?

Have YOU Heard of this Abandoned Comic Strip Theme Park?

Located in northwest Arkansas stands an unusual abandoned theme park themed around the popular hillybilly-esque comic L’il Abner...

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