After the loss of Disney’s Magical Express shuttle services, travelers coming to Orlando International Airport have had to find alternate means of transportation to Walt Disney World and back. Whether it be taxi, uber, rental cars, or other shuttle services, prices can add up and the decision on what to choose can be overwhelming for some travelers. However, could a new program in Orlando make it easier to travel from the airport to Walt Disney World? Let’s check it out. 

LYNX, the public transportation service located in Orlando, recently introduced a new express bus route, called Link 311, connecting Orlando International Airport to Disney Springs for a fare of only $2. The route, which operates from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. with trips every half hour, will make six stops including one at Universal Boulevard. The new route serves as a replacement for a previous bus route that catered to Central Florida's hospitality industry.


Link 311
Image: LYNX
Link 311
Image: LYNX


Despite Lynx's efforts to promote the route through various channels, including partnerships with theme parks and social media campaigns, questions remain about its effectiveness, especially considering past reports of lengthy commute times for Lynx riders. Initial ridership observations on Link 311 indicated that very few tourists appear to be utilizing this service. This could be due to the fact that the route takes about an hour to travel from the first to the last stop. Additionally, some local commuters are unhappy with the new route which now leads some to have to take additional buses to reach their destination. This leads to increased costs and commute times. 

While the idea of an additional transportation offering seems desirable, it may not be as beneficial as Lynx spokesperson Matt Friendman intended when he said Link 311 is a “great route for anyone wanting to have an express type route from OIA to Disney Springs.” To many travelers, an hour-long ride is not an "express-type" route. Not to mention, if the route falls behind, this could lead to even longer ride times. 

Travelers who prefer to ensure that they have transportation at the ready may also choose not to utilize the service as there is no guarantee for availability as it is open to the public. It is also only available during particular hours. Travelers heading to Walt Disney World will also have to transfer to a Disney bus at Disney Springs in order to complete the trip to their destination. Those traveling with luggage and children may choose to forgo this option due to inconvenience. 

However, travelers who may not be in a hurry, or who are looking for a budget-friendly option may still choose to utilize Link 311. It is also a great option for those who are looking to get from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando Resort. Guests could travel from Disney Springs to Universal Boulevard and only have to make two stops in between. 

While it sounds like a great budget-friendly option, many travelers will agree that this route is not preferable over other options available. With commuter opinions negative as well, it will be interesting to see if this new route lasts. We will keep you updated on any changes to this or other forms of transportation to and from Walt Disney World. 

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