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I know many of you asked the question, can this be for real?, In Japan this is really happening. Many of you may feel it is ridiculous to even warrant this with a debate, many of you will feel it is completely irrelevant to you which I can understand. I will, nevertheless push forward with dissecting the results to this unusual debate. 

Many questions have been asked including how can you stop yourself from screaming and how is not screaming going to help with COVID-19? In the original article I explained how certain health officials in Japan had made judgements saying that coughing and singing can spread droplets widely, which is obviously something that needs to be avoided during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

When theme parks started to reopen in Japan back in May, Japans Theme Park Association announced the ban on screaming along with a recommendation for mask wearing. The guidelines urge guests to think of others safety by not screaming on theme park rides.

Although most parks in the country are adopting these industry guidelines, including Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan, the answer to many readers question as to how is this going to be enforced, the simple answer is it won't be punished. To which I hear many of you reply, what is the point in having the ban in the first place then? Well, for a percentage of guests, knowing there is a ban will be enough for them to try to ensure they follow it.

Let's look at the actual results...

RESULTS: Should Screaming Be Banned on Roller Coasters?

Universal Studios Japan
Image: Universal

With any voluntary poll, you always expect that there may be a bias in that those that care deeply about the subject will vote but I guess there is no getting away from that. In this case, I think most readers have found this topic quite unbelievable. For those who don't see the value in these polls, head to our News Page or Features Page to check out our other articles.

You may find this hard to believe but this has been our most shared debate on Facebook. I thought it was important to note that. Well, the results are in and it's not at all surprising that the outcome is:

  • Yes - 9%
  • No - 91%

I think I am actually quite surprised that 9% of readers have answered Yes. Let's take a look at your comments on this one... 

Your Comments and Thoughts

Tokyo Disneyland
Image: Disney

We always love to hear your comments and views on our polls so I thought it would be a good idea to pick out a few to share with you in these results articles, I will always aim to get the best balance I can to show both sides of the debate, in this case you may see a bias to the NO argument due to the fact that the results were so highly swayed in that favor:

"As an adult roller coaster lover, it is not always easy to not scream. Sometimes it just happens."

"I'm sorry but it's not possible. Went to magic mountain for the first time, and saw a roller coaster that I "believed" to have been simple. No loop de loops. Not until I got warmed up. Bruh...everyone heard a banshee that night, I'll tell you that. Never EVER again"

"I can live without the people that feel the need to scream as they sit in the stationary car as soon as they get in. But let people have fun, it is a thrill ride when moving. Some people enjoy that aspect."

"I think it’s a healthy way to release the tension from the thrill."

"The only ride I let out a scream is Tower of Terror. Its an impulse thing, not intentional."

"Why would it matter if they scream,they are wearing a mask so all should be good."

"That's my default setting. If I vocalized, there would probably be some curse words involved, and I'd be within hearing range of other people's children."

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