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We heard back in February 2023 that exciting times were coming for Hot Wheels, Barbie, Thomas and Friends, and Masters of the Universe fans as the new theme park, Mattel Adventure Park, was officially announced to be coming to Glendale Arizona.

Originally, Mattel Adventure Park was slated to open in time for the 2023 Super Bowl in February which unfortunately did not happen. An opening by the end of 2023 had then been floated. However, according to a news report, this was then updated to 2024.

There was then confusion at the beginning of March due to a news story which posted 2025 as the new opening date, however, the timeline was then confirmed by Park Spokesperson Jenn Joseph and the story has been corrected stating that Mattel Adventure Park will have its soft opening later in 2024 and then its grand opening in 2025.

Now, after the recent announcement that a second Mattel Adventure Park would be opening in Kansas City which is currently slated to open in 2026, we get to see a new update on the official Mattel Adventure Park website regarding the opening of Mattel Adventure Park in Glendale Arizona.

Currently on the official Mattel Adventure Park website next to the Glendale Arizona park it advertises "Opening Late 2024". This may come as somewhat of a surprise as it was recently confirmed that the park would potentially soft open in late 2024 but would have its grand opening in 2025. 

There has also been new concept art which has been added to the official website which can be seen below.

Image: Mattel Adventure Park

Although there still seems to be some confusion regarding the opening of Mattel Adventure Park in Arizona, what we do know for certain is that construction on the headlining Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer roller coaster continues to progress very quickly. This can be seen in the latest video update posted to YouTube by Coasters and Cosplays where majority of the track supports are now in place and more track has been added since the previous update a couple of weeks ago.  We assume that it won't be long at all before we will be able to see the roller coaster complete and we will be able to see the finished layout for this highly anticipated Hot Wheel roller coaster.

We also get to see aerial drone footage showing the entire site including the family Bone Shaker roller coaster and groundwork being done for the Barbie Beach House.

At the end of February in the construction video posted to YouTube by Coasters and Cosplays we got to see that huge progress had been made on the headlining Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer roller coaster with the 116ft loop now installed.

In the previous construction video posted to YouTube by Coasters and Cosplays we get to see the latest developments on Mattel Adventure Park in Glendale Arizona which is set to soft open to guests later this year.

We can see a huge amphitheater which will hold an array of concerts. The blue and yellow structure of Boneshaker is in place which looks striking and work is taking place on the entrance building including the rectangular addition of the lights as seen in the concept art.

Image: Mattel

The foundations and groundworks for the Barbie Dreamhouse have been going into place but the big news from Mattel Adventure Park is the work that is going on for the Hot Wheels themed rollercoaster named Twin Mill Racers. You can see the second loop is already in place and there is a mass of supports and track ready to be installed.

Mark Cornell, president of Mattel Adventure Park describes the Hot Wheels Twin Mill as: "Well, it'll be the first launching coaster in Arizona, that's for sure and this is [magnetic propulsion]... the same sort of technology that launches, you know, planes off an aircraft carrier. So that's super exciting. So, it's very fast, very quiet, very efficient,”

"Our second coaster, Hot Wheels Twin Mill™ Racer is based on another top-selling Hot Wheels car, the Twin Mill, which is a C six modeled Corvette dual engine car that's completely themed,” “This is a launching coaster that literally loads indoors, shoots out of a tunnel, zero to 50 in under three seconds and goes right into a double loop, turns around in a helix, a double corkscrew goes to the end of the park and then comes back inside and once again.”

Back in November at the IAPPA Expo in Orlando, Florida we got to see the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer Roller Coaster ride vehicle revealed as can be seen in the photo below from Chance Rides. 

Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer, Chance Rides
Image: Chance Rides

Epic Resort Destinations attractions development engineer, Cindy Emerick said, “We are taking thrills to new heights with the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer". “The Twin Mill Racer track layout features a wicked corkscrew threaded through two vertical loops that authenticates the Hot Wheels experience. We are excited to bring this iconic racing playset to life in a heart-pounding and exhilarating thrill ride.”

Mattel Adventure Park
Image: Mattel Adventure Park


On National Roller Coaster day in 2023 we saw Mark Cornell, president of Mattel Adventure Park, sharing a close-up of the Bone Shaker Rollercoaster carts which can be seen in the video posted to YouTube by AZfamily.com and is embedded below.

Bone Shaker will be a family friendly roller coaster with a second roller coaster also based on Hot Wheels set to fufil the thrill seekers, Mattel describes the two offerings as being:

"Mattel Adventure Park includes two fully themed Hot Wheels rollercoasters - Hot Wheels Bone Shaker™: The Ultimate Ride and the Hot Wheels Twin Mill™ Racer. Designed to delight kids and adults of all ages, the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker themed ride will be the first-ever family coaster to feature the famous hot rod’s skull design that climbs 84 feet in the air, while the double-looping Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer guarantees a serious adrenaline boost for guests seeking an even higher-octane experience. The Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer features a double loop and two corkscrews, qualifying it as the first coaster of its kind in Arizona."

We have also recently heard further information about the Barbie offerings in the park and according to Screamscape, along with the already announced Beach House, we can look forward to a ride. "Barbie Dream Flight was mentioned as being a Barbie themed flying theater attraction, not unlike Disney’s Soarin’ ride, along with locations to custom build Barbie dolls, Barbie holograms and a Barbie themed restaurant and bar that will feature signature cocktails for the adults and themed mocktails for everyone."

From the update posted to YouTube by Tylerventures in July 2023 we got to see the developments at Mattel Adventure Park which included the installation of the new Bone Shaker roller coaster.

Mattel Adventure Park have also added a live construction web-cam so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest developments. We will continue to update you with further construction updates over the coming weeks and months.

The double-looping launch Hot Wheels roller coaster designed by Chance Rides which will be akin to Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom and will offer inversions making it the most thrilling of the offerings at the park. Additionally, there will be a go-kart track themed to Hot Wheels where you can race your friends and family.

Mattel Adventure Park
Image: Mattel Adventure Park

Thomas and Friends will be represented by the The Thomas and Friends Adventure Train Treasure Hunt which will be a train attraction that will feature a life-size Thomas the tank engine. Barbie will also be joining guests on a flying journey in a new flying theater adventure. This theater attraction will be similar to rides like Soarin’ at the Disney Parks. 

Guests will certainly have a lot to look forward to when Mattel Adventure Park opens. We will keep you updated on further updates relating to the opening date. Which attraction are you most looking forward to? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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