Walt Disney World mask wearing

I know this may seem like a silly question, I mean everyone knows that all theme parks are currently operating at a reduced capacity due to necessary health and safety restrictions and therefore have a low attendance. But, guests just aren't choosing to head back to the parks, even Walt Disney World seems to be struggling to entice guests back. They have offered deep discounts to Florida Residents and have removed restricitons for Annual Passholders.

Not only this, many parks including Cedar Point and Kings Island are cutting operating hours as of August which proves that attendance just isn't living up to expectations.

The one park which seems to be holding it's own is Disney's Hollwood Studios which is likely to have a lot to do with the fact it is home to the enormously popular attraction, Star Wars: The Rise of the Resistance.

So, I thought it would be interesting to explore this further in our new Big Debate, could it be the controversial mandatory mask wearing, could it be that people just can't afford it right now or could it be that guests are being put off by the high numbers of reported COVID-19 cases in Florida? Let's explore further...

Mandatory Mask Wearing

Guests wearing masks, Walt Disney World
Image: Disney

I know from reading all the comments on our site and on our Facebook Page that a lot of people have said that they will not go to a theme park if they have to wear a mask. In the UK mask wearing is mandatory on public transport and in shops and I must say I struggle sometimes with that. 

I remember visiting Florida in the heat of the summer and I can therefore understand that it must be pretty tough to endure wearing a mask. Everyone has their own views on this but I am guessing it could be a top contender for the reason why guests are choosing not to return.

Lack of money to spend on theme park trips

Castle, Disney's Magic Kingdom
Image: Disney

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world really hard and tragically thousands of people have already lost their lives to it. Thousands of businesses have suffered and employees. This is a time when, for many people, money is very tight and therefore a theme park trip just isn't financially viable however much you may want it.

High number of reported COVID-19 cases 

Cast Member mask wearing, Disney
Image: Disney

All eyes are on Florida right now with the continuing high number of COVID-19 cases that are being reported each day. On one hand some people have the view that you can't keep home, you just have to get out there and live life again. For many others though, there will be a huge amount of anxiety about returning to their favorite theme park and even if they can afford it, will be opting to stay home until the world appears to be a safer place, with less numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Walt Disney World have been praised for the way they are implementing and enforcing the new health and safety measures across their parks and a high percentage of guests are commenting on social media about how safe they feel whilst visiting them.


Mask wearing cast members, Disney
Image: Disney

So, why do you think theme park attendance is so low? Here are your options:

  • Mandatory Mask Wearing
  • Lack of money to spend on theme park trips
  • High number of reported COVID-19 cases

CLICK HERE to vote and don't forget to share this with your friends and family. We always love to hear your comments and are proud of our community on Theme Park Tourist so we ask you to be respectful of all other readers views. You can leave comments on our Facebook Page or below.

A selection of comments from each side of the debate will be shared in our The Big Debates RESULTS article which will be published soon.

A few readers have commented that these polls are pointless because it won't make any difference anyway, which is inarguably a valid point in most situations. For those that see no value in taking part, that is of course your choice and be sure you check out our News Page and Features Page for other articles.

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You need a Fourth option travel restrictions. I would Be there this year but2 week quarantine in Florida than 2 weeks when I get home

On the subject of masks: I heard on the local radio station (Kansas City) about the new mask requirements. Not just wearing; but what type, layers, full mouth and nose coverage, no wandering with food, etc.

To each their own.

I have no thoughts, per se, on the low attendance. I can only speak for myself. My last visit to WDW (never been to California) was in May of 2015, and really had no desire to return. WDW used to be an annual or biannual trip for me, but between the ever-increasing prices, the metal detectors and bag checks, the growing crowds in the off-season (my usual time for visiting), and the planning-right-down-to-the-second mentality I've had enough for a while. It seems to cause more stress than relief for me. Echoing an article from 2016 - I'm done with Disney for now. There are other reasons, and I may submit my own article in the future. I still keep up with Disney news, and one day I'll go back. For now, I've been visiting a smaller, more laid-back local park instead.

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