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5 Classic Theme Park Attractions That Were Shockingly Hard to Build

When theme parks decide to build ground-breaking new rides, sometimes the process of constructing them can get really complicated. Here are 6 amazing examples!

5 Insanely Expensive Theme Park Rides That Literally Didn't Work

If you spend tens of millions of dollars on a new theme park ride, the least you'd expect is for it to function correctly. But that's not always the case...

5 Star Wars Theme Park Attractions that Disney Might Actually Build...Eventually

Star Wars fans are waiting to see whether Disney will introduce new attractions based on the franchise at its various theme parks. What might be in store?

5 Weirdly Inappropriate Things That Animals do at Disney Theme Parks

Disney's cuddly animal characters are friendly bunch. But their real-world counterparts at the company's theme parks aren't always quite so well-behaved...

8 Ingenious Ways That Disney Theme Parks Shield You From the Real World

When you visit a Disney theme park, you're entering a protected fantasy world. Here are 8 ingenious methods that the company uses to shield you from the real world outside the gates.

10 INSANE Disney Theme Park Attractions That You'll Never Get to Ride

Over the years, Disney's Imagineers have come up with some truly off-the-wall ideas for new attractions that sadly never saw the light of day. Here are 10 that we wish HAD made the cut...

The 10 Most Blatant Knock-Offs of Disney Theme Park Attractions

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. Disney's Imagineers should feel VERY flattered by these 10 brazen attempts to clone rides at Disney theme parks.

10 Strange Facts About the Disney-Universal Theme Park Rivalry

Disney and Universal are now known as bitter rivals in the theme park industry. But that hasn't always been the case - in fact, the two firms share more in common than you may realize. For much of the past three decades - ever since Universal announced plans to build a theme park in Florida in the

6 Strange Things That You'd Only Ever See at a Disney Theme Park

Disney's theme parks are meant to offer a fantastical, idealised view of the world. Sometimes, though, the scenes witnessed at the parks can be bizarre even by Disney's standards. Occasionally, Disney does so something so out-of-this-world that it appears unusual even in the context of a theme park

10 Essential Things That Happen at Disney Theme Parks After Closing Time

Have you ever wondered what happens at Disney theme parks after they close for the night? Here are 10 essential things that Cast Members do to prepare for opening time the next day!

10 Big Ways That Disney Theme Parks Have Changed Since 1955

Disneyland first opened in July 1955. Since then, there have been some BIG changes to Disney's theme parks...

The 21 (Fake) Mountains That Every Disney Fan Needs to Summit

Disney is famous for building enormous fake mountains at its theme parks. How many Disney peaks have you summited?

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