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5 Neat Details That Everyone Misses at Disney Theme Parks

Even the most mundane elements of a theme park are viewed by Disney's Imagineers as opportunities to further immerse guests in the experience...

5 Experimental Theme Park Attractions That Didn't Quite Work Out

Theme parks are constantly experimenting with new types of ride and attraction. But sometimes those experiments simply don't work out...

5 Shocking Examples of Cuddly Theme Park Mascots Turning EVIL

We all love the cuddly characters that meet-and-greet guests at theme parks. But every now and then, one of them switches to the dark side and becomes just a little evil... Since the opening day of Disneyland in 1955, characters and mascots have been a prominent feature at many theme parks. Indeed

6 Spooky Myths About Ghosts That Haunt Disney's Theme Parks

The audio-animatronic spirits in the Haunted Mansion aren't the only ghosts at Disney's theme parks, if these myths are to be believed...

10 Fascinating Ways to go Behind the Scenes at Disney Theme Parks

Operating Disney's chain of hugely popular theme parks is a challenging undertaking - and you can find out what goes on behind the scenes by taking one of these fascinating tours.

5 Horrible "Deaths" at Disney Theme Parks (That Never Really Happened)

There are many urban legends about gruesome deaths at Disney theme parks. Here are five that are definitely NOT true...

5 "Last-Minute" Decisions That Completely Changed Classic Theme Park Rides

Some of the most famous theme park attractions in the world could be VERY different if it wasn't for late decisions to completely change them. Here are 6 examples.

The 10 Most Eye-Wateringly Expensive Disney Theme Park Rides Ever Built

Disney is renowned for investing huge sums in the creation of new rides and shows for its theme parks. Take a look at 10 of its most expensive creations.

10 Disney Theme Park Attractions That PREDICTED THE FUTURE (Or Tried To)

In days gone by, Disney built a host of theme park attractions that attempted to predict the future. Let's take a look at how accurate those predictions turned out to be...

5 Classic Theme Park Attractions That Were Shockingly Hard to Build

When theme parks decide to build ground-breaking new rides, sometimes the process of constructing them can get really complicated. Here are 6 amazing examples!

5 Insanely Expensive Theme Park Rides That Literally Didn't Work

If you spend tens of millions of dollars on a new theme park ride, the least you'd expect is for it to function correctly. But that's not always the case...

5 Star Wars Theme Park Attractions that Disney Might Actually Build...Eventually

Star Wars fans are waiting to see whether Disney will introduce new attractions based on the franchise at its various theme parks. What might be in store?

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