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The 6 Best Skyscraping Roller Coasters in the World

Take a look at the half-dozen tallest, and most exciting, roller coasters in the world.

ABANDONED: Inside the Epic Life and Closure of the World's Largest Theme Park

LOST LEGENDS: Geauga Lake / SeaWorld Ohio / Six Flags Worlds of Adventure Do you have time for a tale? Sit back, relax, and dive into the interesting and timeless case of Geauga Lake, a tiny family park that started humbly enough, before rocketing overnight into international headlines by combining with a full-sized SeaWorld to create the world’s largest Six Flags.

12 Incredible Immersive Rides You CAN'T Ride at Disney or Universal Parks

Believe it or not, fantastic dark rides are not the exclusive domain of Disney and Universal.

7 Reasons Why Every Disney Fan Should Visit America's OTHER Epcot

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin When EPCOT Center opened at Walt Disney World in 1982, it was not just a glimpse into the future or a day in the international life. It was a living, breathing World’s Fair meant to build connections

The 10 WORST Theme Park Rides To "Pop The Question" On

Thinking of popping the question? We’re here to help. First of all, before you attempt any kind of proposal at a theme park, you better know that your future spouse would be okay with such a gesture. Most people probably don’t envision their partner dropping to his knee on the local carnival midway

6 Incredible Roller Coasters That Prove Bigger Isn't Always Better

Talk about living in an era of extremes! It wasn’t too long ago that theme parks seemed to be entangled in a bloody feud to hold the most records. Roller coasters suddenly became taller, faster, steeper, and more expensive with parks proudly advertising their “world’s biggest,” “highest,” "longest,"

2 Unavoidable Reasons Why Amusement Parks Will Become Extinct

Want to know why all amusement parks, such as Ohio's Cedar Point, will be forced to transform into a theme park or slowly die out?

10 Crazy Secrets of the Roller Coaster Capital of the World

Cedar Point has developed number of interesting secrets over its long history, as well as several scary incidents the park's PR team probably doesn't want you to know about. With the addition of the new GateKeeperride at the park's front entrance in 2013, Cedar Point now boasts 16 different roller

The 10 Worst Theme Park Rides in the World for Acrophobia Sufferers

Theme park rides often play on our fears. And if you suffer from a fear of heights, you'll want to avoid these monster attractions...

The Top 50 New Theme Park Rides and Attractions Opening in 2014

2014 promises to be a big year for the world's theme parks. Take a look at 50 new rides and attractions that will be on offer at theme parks across the globe!

20 New Rides and Attractions at US Theme Parks for 2014

There are a host of new rides and attractions coming to US theme parks in 2014. Here's a round-up of what's in store!

The 12 Most Revolutionary Prototype Roller Coasters of All Time

Theme Park Tourist takes a look back at some of the prototype roller coasters that left their mark within the industry.

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