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The 25 Most Incredible Theme Park Animatronics On Earth

It wasn’t too long ago that a theme park attraction was lifeless without Audio-Animatronics. In fact, the number and complexity of these robotic animated figures was often proportional to a ride’s budget and success! Put simply: if you wanted to blow audiences away, animatronics figures were the way

The 7 "Ancient" Wonders of the Theme Park World

"Ancient." You know what that means: curses, booby traps, and angry gods. We’re counting down our lists of the Wonders of the Theme Park World. If you missed our collection of the Seven "Natural" Wonders take a step back and see the incredible mountains, trees, and valleys all built by… well… we'll

The 5 Unique Variations on Disney's Haunted Mansion

There's not just one version of the classic Haunted Mansion ride: each park's version is a bit different.Disney Parks' Haunted Mansion has a long history, dating back to the 1950s when Walt Disney was first thinking of building a modestly-sized (11 acre) "Mickey Mouse Park" in Burbank California

The Top 10 Theme Parks in the World

Theme Park Tourist's guide to the 10 most popular theme parks in the world. How many of the globe's best parks have you visited?

10 Facts About the Most Controversial Movie Ever Shot at Disney Theme Parks

An in-depth look at the bizarre movie that was made in the Disney parks without permission.

10 Facts About the Most Controversial Movie Ever Shot at Disney Theme Parks

An in-depth look at the bizarre movie that was made in the Disney parks without permission.

8 Spectacular Never-Built Lands at Disney Theme Parks That You'll Wish You Could Visit

Fantasyland, Cars Land, Tomorrowland... Glacier Bay? If park icons are the heart of Disney Parks, themed lands are the bones and joints! One of the basic tennents of Disneyland that set it apart from the amusement piers of the era was its lands that recreated idealized time periods and places

7 Classic Disney Attractions that are MUCH Different Overseas

Forget everything you thought you know about these Disney classics.

5 Blockbuster Movies That Are Set to be Turned Into Disney Attractions

Disney regularly develops new theme park attractions based on its own movies, and sometimes those of other studios as well. Let's take a look at 5 movies that are set to be adapted into rides by the company's Imagineers.

9 Attractions You'd Expect to Find at Every Disney Resort (But Don't)

You might expect to find these attractions at every Disney resort, but you'd be wrong.

The Contrarian: 2 Big Reasons Why Theme Parks May Live to Regret Copying Hollywood

Theme parks are heading the way of Hollywood – spectacle-driven "stories" that eschew originality for annualizable franchises. Here's the two reasons why. Editor's note: This is the latest of a series of features in which one of our writers takes a deliberately controversial stance on a theme park

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