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The Real Reason Why You Should Never Leave an Orlando Theme Park Before Dark

. The events that begin this chain of events are the nighttime spectaculars, the ones with fireworks and stories.

Has Geek Culture Changed Walt Disney World Forever?

Geek culture has changed the landscape of Walt Disney World forever. How exactly did this shift happen?

If Universal Ever Wants to Match Disney, These Four Kinds of Rides are MUST HAVES

Increasingly, Universal’s formula is feeling a little stale... And we've got some suggestions. We’re determined to offer up four kinds of rides that we think are absolutely essential to Universal’s growth… ride genres Disney has, in many cases, mastered; attractions that elevate the experience to a new level. In so many places, Universal is so close. But growth comes from stepping into the unknown…

T2 3-D: Behind-the-Screens of Universal's Larger-Than-Life Lost Legend

LOST LEGENDS: T2 3-D – Battle Across Time: Yet another Universal classic has closed, and this was a BIG one. T2 3-D was one of the most expensive media attractions ever, reuniting blockbuster stars, Hollywood directors, and themed entertainment industry legends in one of the most larger-than-life, massively-scaled attraction experiences ever. From the 1980s to the 2020s, this time-traveling experience was unlike anything else.

Thinking About Bringing a Small Child to Universal Orlando Resort? Here's What You Need to Know

If you’re looking ahead to find the best time for a visit with your children, there are several factors to consider.

BACK to the FUTURE: The Lost Legend that Created Universal Studios Florida and Thrilled a Generation

LOST LEGENDS: Back to the Future – The Ride: When Universal first eyed the opportunity to bring a version of its famed Hollywood studio park to Florida in the mid-1980s, the idea of taking on Disney was simply too daunting... to become a contender in Disney's own back yard would take an out-of-this-world E-Ticket ahead of (and in this case, also behind) its time. Headed up by Spielberg himself, this closed classic is the reason Universal Orlando exists! This is the full story...

4 Things a Walt Disney World Regular Might Miss While Visiting Universal Orlando Resort

There is no question that sends Florida theme park fans into a passionate debate faster than, “Which is better-- Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort?” I can think of numerous times when we’ve had articles here on Theme Park Tourist having nothing to do with the debate where readers still

Marvel Characters Can Be Found at Universal and Disney Parks. Here's How Both Benefit

While you may think it might be a little awkward for Disney and Universal to essentially share custody of Marvel characters, this situation actually benefits both parties.

Get The Most Out of Your Universal Orlando Resort Trip By Watching This First

As you’d probably expect, Universal Orlando is all about cinematic greats.

The Ultimate Ranking of the Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort

When you plan a trip to Universal Orlando Resort, you’ll probably want to stay at one of the official Universal hotels

Think Florida Has No Good Roller Coasters? Here's 9 Amazing Rides to Prove You Wrong!

Florida is the theme park capital of the world. Sorry, Cedar Point! Yes, you have the most roller coasters in a single location, but the state of Florida has you beat in terms of quantity and quality. Don’t worry! Everyone still loves you!

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