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The Best Non-Disney Theme Park Rides in North America

When you pay too much attention to Disney, however, you run the risk of missing out on some terrific theme parks and attractions.

The Best Theme Park Restaurants You're Not Eating At

Here’s the best place to eat at the eight most popular non-Disney theme parks in North America!

Here's How Regional Amusement Parks Can Keep Up With Disney and Universal

We’ve seen innovations like Fastpass get copied by the regional competitors and turned into upcharge skip-the-line passes. So, if the things Disney and Universal invent trickle down to the regional amusement parks as time goes by, what are some of the trends we’d expect to see at our local thrill park in the near future?

Have You Seen These 10 Animatronics That Are OUTSIDE of Rides?

Today, we'll take a look at some of the animatronic figures you can find at Disney and Universal Parks without being on a ride...

Best Thrill Rides at Universal Orlando Resort

While Disney attractions prioritize theming above all else, Universal goes for the jugular with its rides

5 Reasons Why It’s Time for Universal to Make a Big Splash Once Again

We are at a crossroads for Universal, and the company must decide if it truly wants to take on Disney or if it is happy being a distant but very proud second place. If they are as ambitious as they claim to be, here are five reasons why they should wind up to take another swing at the Mousy King.

Artificial Worlds: The Rise and Reign of Screens and Simulators at Theme Parks

There’s only one kind of attraction that can take guests somewhere without really going anywhere at all: simulators.

5 Can’t-Miss Vegan Dishes at Universal Orlando Resort

You don’t have to pack your own lunch to enjoy delicious vegan fare at Universal Studios.

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