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Alton Towers Had A Fantastic Safety Record Until The 2015 Smiler Incident, Why Did It Go So Terribly Wrong?

The Smiler incident of June 2015 at Alton Towers rocked the UK. It did however lead to several enhanced safety refurbishments and staff training improvements to prevent another similar incident from ever taking place again...

NEMESIS: Inside the Re-Emergence of Alton Towers' Game-Changing Coaster Creature

Here is the story of Nemesis, the landmark ride which invites you to climb aboard the exoskeleton and tentacles of a hideous creature – part deep-earth crustacean, but interdimensional nightmare – and brave one of the most intense, unusual layouts on Earth...

Why Are So Many Roller Coasters Breaking in 2023?! Inside the Issues at Fury 325, El Toro, Top Thrill Dragster & More...

Here we do our best to explain six significant recent ride closures that have struck coasters across the world. While these issues are all completely disconnected, it sure does take a lot of explaining to be a coaster fan today!

WTF Coaster of the Month: Der Schwur Des Kärnan

We're traveling to Northern German, into the castle Kärnan, where a Gerstlauer roars.

Thrills, Chills, and Lift Hills: 5 Horror-Themed Coasters

So how do we cope in the eleven months that aren’t October? By finding attractions—roller coasters, namely—that center around a horror theme. That’s why I’m bringing you 5 horror-themed coasters that serve thrills and chills year-round.

The Top 50 Theme Parks in the World

Believe it or not, half a billion people – that's 7% of the planet! – visited a major theme park in 2018.

15 Spectacular New Rides Opening in 2019 Around the World

Here are 15 new international attractions that theme park tourists should know.

CURSED: The Inside Story of Thirteen – The Biggest Coaster Let-Down EVER

DECLASSIFIED DISASTER: TH13TEEN: Would you be in line to tackle the world’s first “psychoaster?” And if so, how might you feel if your multi-hour wait leads to a ride about as extreme as Big Thunder Mountain? That's the reality faced by hoardes of thrillseekers who followed the viral marketing campaign around Thirteen – a ride promised to be so intense, it was said that riders would be limited to one ride per day... Spoiler: it wasn't.

9 Rides OUTSIDE of Disney Parks We Think Walt Would Love

Though no one can reasonably overtake Disney, it sure seems like Walt would step off of these nine attractions feeling inspired and smiling...

These Are the Wildest Wooden Roller Coasters on Earth. Could You Conquer Them?

Wooden roller coasters. The very idea may strike fear into the heart of some thrill ride enthusiasts.

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