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Why the UK Will Never See a New Wooden Roller Coaster

The UK will never see a new wooden roller coaster. Click here to read why.

Tales from the Towers: Is the legend of Hex's Chained Oak real?

Hex - The Legend of the Towers is a popular ride at Alton Towers, and tells the story of a mystical, cursed oak tree. But is there any truth behind the attraction's storyline?

UK Theme Park Round-Up - September Review and October 2013 Preview

A look back at September and a preview of the scares to come from the UK parks in October.

Tales from the Towers: Britannia Park, the doomed rival to Alton Towers' crown

With Alton Towers established as Britain's leading theme park, rivals lined up to try and take the crown in the 1980s. Let's learn about one, the doomed Britannia Park.

Tales from the Towers: Alton Towers Village, the holiday complex that never was

Back in 1989, Alton Towers drew up plans for an on-site hotel and chalet complex that would host some 1,200 guests. It was never built, but we can take a look at what might have been.

Tales from the Towers: Hidden Secrets at Alton Towers

The sprawling Alton Towers estate hides a number of hidden secrets. Can you find them all?

Tales from the Towers: The weird and wacky merchandise of Alton Towers

Over the years, Alton Towers has sold all kinds of bizarre merchandise related to its rides and attractions. Read all about some of the most unusual items that have been offered by the park.

Tales from the Towers: John Wardley's infamous cross-valley wooden roller coaster design

In 2003, Alton Towers submitted plans for a stunning new wooden roller coaster that would swoop between the Ug Land and Forbidden Valley areas. However, it faced fierce opposition from local residents.

Tales from the Towers: How a theme park at Woburn Abbey nearly became Alton Towers' biggest rival

In the late 1990s, Tussauds was emerging as a major player in the UK theme park market. Setting its sights on the number one spot, it planned to build a new theme park at Woburn Abbey to rival Alton Towers.

Tales from the Towers: John Broome's failed plan to turn Battersea Power Station into a theme park

In the 1980s, John Broome planned to turn Battersea Power Station in London into a theme park. The project was a disaster, and resulted in the sale of Alton Towers to Tussauds.

Tales from the Towers: How Trentham Gardens nearly became Alton Towers' "sister park"

The story of John Broome's attempts to convert nearby Trentham Gardens into a "sister park" for Alton Towers in the early 1980s.

Tales from the Towers: How the Corkscrew catapulted Alton Towers to prominence

Learn how the iconic Corkscrew roller coaster helped propel Alton Towers to its current position as the UK's number one theme park.

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