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  1. If your favorite attraction is missing, it may be that it doesn’t have enough votes. Rides have a set minimum number of ratings needed before they can appear on the TPT100 (and thus, this list).
  2. We’ve eliminated extraneous duplicates. For our purposes, there is no reason to list separately each Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Instead, we'll feature the highest-ranking, and note any sister rides therein. If each got its own entry, the top 15 would be almost entirely Towers of Terror, Haunted Mansions, and Pirates.
  3. Any dark ride / roller coaster hybrid won’t appear in this list… We included dark ride / coasters into our list of the Top 15 Coasters - As Voted By YOU and there's no reason for the same rides to monopolize both lists!

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15. Transformers: The Ride 3D

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood (2012)
Position in TPT100: 32
Other: Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Florida (TPT#91)

Taking motion-simulators to a new level, Transformers: The Ride actually opened at Universal Studios Singapore first, but it was its Hollywood, California clone that drew the attention of American riders and made our list. The attraction places guests into a Transformer named EVAC as they race out of the concrete-guarded N.E.S.T. facility with the powerful AllSpark in hand, escaping from a Decepticon attack. The ride sends the motion-simulator base EVAC through a two-story showbuilding where physical sets blend into 3D screens without a seam in sight. As EVAC synchronizes perfectly to the motion on screen, he also moves through the physical building, turning, twisting, racing, spinning, and backing-up in one of the most mile-a-minute, explosion-filled rides anywhere on Earth. 

14. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt

© Disney

Location: Tokyo Disneyland (2001)
Position in TPT100: 31

Leaving behind the cart-driven classic dark ride style of the Winnie the Pooh rides in Florida, California, and Hong Kong, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland is an E-ticket. No, we’re not kidding. For the ride, Disney invented trackless, LPS-guided technology to send four “hunny pots” at a time into the attraction. With no track, the pots can spin, back up, dance, and even bounce through scenes. The pots can line up, separate, circle around each other, and take unique paths through the ride. With full animatronics, towering scenes, and an incredible ride technology, Pooh’s Hunny Hunt leaves its overseas companions way behind and acts as one of the main attractions at Tokyo Disneyland.

13. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Image © Disney

Image: Disney

Location: Disneyland (2011)
Position in TPT100: 29
Other: Disney’s Hollywood Studios (TPT#80), Tokyo Disneyland (TPT#95)

Star Tours has been a Disney classic since it opened in 1987 as the starring attraction in Disneyland’s sleek white Tomorrowland. It was soon followed by sisters in Tokyo, Florida, and France. Born of the same partnership between Disney and George Lucas that spawned Captain EO and Indiana Jones Adventure, the riveting interstellar simulator thrilled guests for more than twenty years. In summer 2010, though, the ride closed for a year to reopen as Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

Now in ultra-HD and seamless Dolby 3D, the refreshed attraction (technically a prequel, set before the original Star Tours) keeps the galactic misadventures of the original with added 3D, new sound, new animatronics, and – most impressively – a randomized assortment of locales and characters to visit. With 54 unique combinations, each ride on Star Tours is now different. And expect limited-edition updates as Episode VII and beyond premier, making what was once a dated 80s simulator into an absolute must-ride… over and over again!

12. Phantom Manor

Image: Disney

Location: Disneyland Paris (1992)
Position in TPT100: 28

When Disneyland Paris opened in 1992, it was easily Disney’s most ambitious and detailed project to date. The park was absolutely brimming with nooks and crannies to explore. Even where the park borrowed from its American cousins, it infused rides with new European stories and settings creating entirely new versions of Disney classics. Such is the case with the Parisian park’s take on the Haunted Mansion. Here part of Frontierland, the ride is infused into a story that encompasses the whole land.

As well, it’s given a romanticized Western story that explains the presence of the bride, the hanging man, and the ballroom – all present in the American versions, but with no strict story to tie them together. While the “haunted vignette” setup works wonders at the Haunted Mansion, the emotional and moving tale told by Phantom Manor is absolutely perfect for the park – a European twist that gives the ride a leg up even over the original.

11. Mystic Manor

© Disney

Location: Hong Kong Disneyland (2013)
Position in TPT100: 21

When Mystic Manor swung wide its gates in 2013, Disney fans the world over rejoiced. This is what Disney Imagineering is capable of. The unprecedented ride is placed in its own original land, Mystic Point, and located inside the eponymous hilltop mansion designed in the eclectic stylings of all cultures of the world combined. That’s how it’s supposed to look – the manor’s owner, Lord Henry Mystic, has spent his life collecting international oddities in a secret society before setting up camp in the ornate home with his pet monkey Albert. And with his newest Mystic Magneto Electric Carriage, you can tour his collection of international treasures.

The ride is stunning. Jaw-dropping. Just incredible. The trackless, LPS-guided sleighs descend into the home, four at a time, for an incredible tour that’s brought to life by inexplicable floating dust from an enchanted music box. Combining perhaps the best of Disney’s musical scoring, ride vehicles, settings, and effects, the attraction crescendos in a dizzying, swirling finale in a Chinese Parlor… It’s all too much to describe, and certainly set the bar high for Disney’s future attractions.



having ridden some of the rides in the top 15, I too would like to see Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach given a mention.
Opened in 2000, it is over 5 minutes of a dark turbulent water ride, themed with fire and ice and some big drops and a good soaking.
Ok its not got the sophistication or special effects of some of the top 15 but its certainly got the fear white knuckle factor and has been improved recently

I'd like to give Valhalla at Blackpool UK a mention it's a dark water ride that takes you through the elements of ice, fire, water and wind... with surprises inside the dark water ride its also got quite a long track so ride time is good

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