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Those with kids know traveling to a theme park like Walt Disney World can be a bit of an ordeal. I will be traveling with two small children in a couple of weeks, and there are so many important items we need to pack for our trip. You can make your next trip to Disney (or any theme park) easier by making sure you pack these 8 items.

Stroller Cover and Ponchos

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First, if there is even a slight chance your child will need a stroller during your trip, BRING IT OR RENT IT. There is no tired like Disney tired, and even if your child is used to walking a lot at home, they may still become exhausted after walking around the parks. If you know anything about Florida weather, you know it is likely to rain at least a little during your trip, especially if you travel during the summer months. Be sure to bring a stroller cover and place it on your stroller when you park it in the stroller parking. If it rains, your stroller and any belongings on it will be protected. Along with this advice, it is also a good idea to have ponchos. Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun. Kids are sure to love playing in the rain anyway.

Comfortable Masks and Mask Lanyards

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At Walt Disney World and Disneyland, masks are required indoors, on all transportation, and on indoor attractions for all guests ages 2 and up. The best mask for your child is the mask they can comfortably wear when required. Make sure to bring masks that your child is okay wearing, and make sure to bring some backups as they can get sweaty or dirty throughout the day. Another great item to utilize is a mask lanyard. These clip onto your mask and hold them around your neck when you are not wearing them. This is perfect as you are likely to be taking your masks off and putting them back on frequently.

Buy souvenirs ahead of time

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Save some money! There are several popular souvenir items at the parks that you can find cheaper prior to your trip. Bubble wands, ears, plushies, light wands, and pins are just a few items that you can find easily that are much more expensive in the parks. If you’re heading to Universal Studios during your trip and your child doesn’t have their heart set on a wand from Ollivander’s, you may want to think about purchasing one ahead of time.

A "Busy Bag"

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Be sure to bring a busy bag or activity bag, you can call it whatever you want. This is a bag of items and activities to keep your children occupied during a long car ride, flight, or anytime you might have to wait at the parks. My bag includes coloring books, fidget toys, and card games. You could also bring a tablet if that is suitable for your family.

Extra Clothes

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Even if your children are potty trained, always bring extra clothes. Accidents happen, whether they are potty related, due to rain, food, etc. It is always a good idea to bring a backup because replacing a whole outfit from the gift shop will likely cost you upwards of $50 or more.


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