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With news earlier this week that Disney Extends Park Closures as New Waves of Cancellations are Confirmed, opening dates for Walt Disney World as well as all other theme parks across the world are still inevitably unknown as the world continues to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is not however, all bad news as we also learned earlier this week that Mandatory Temperature Checks Could Be Coming to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. This may not seem to be good news and for many may seem like an absolutely awful idea, the positive is however that Disney are at least trying to contemplate ways to make opening a possibility in the near future. In the meantime while the COVID-19 Pandemic unfortunately continues and the park gates are shut, Disney fans have been finding an interesting way of getting their Disney fix by creating their own homemade ride through videos.

Park Entrance, Image: Theme Park Tourist
Image: Theme Park Tourist

In our recent feature, HOMEMADE MAGIC: 8 Quarantine- Created Ride Recreations That Keep The Magic Alive, the best homemade video ride throughs from across the web have been collated for you to watch and enjoy. I couldn't resist the opportunity to base our eighth Poll on this idea. But first let's recap on our previous Poll results!

Poll 7 results - We Hope All Disney Springs Locataions Open With The Parks, But If They Don't Which Will You Miss The Most?

Lots of people have been commenting on the potential closures we could see at Disney Springs when the Parks reopen. There seems to be mixed views from many of you as people hark back to the times of Disney Village and one reader describes Disney Springs as a "big outlet mall which has lost most of what makes it special". 

As we said in Poll 7, we hope that all locations reopen with the parks, or as soon after as possible and all employees return to their posts. Don't worry, you still have time to have your say and VOTE and don't forget to also share it with your friends and family. The question was, which one would you miss the most and here are the latest results:

  1. AMC Dine-in Disney Springs 24 Theater - 30%
  2. Levi's - 0%
  3. Rainforest Cafe - 20%
  4. T-REX Cafe - 17%
  5. Ample Hills Creamery - 15%
  6. Drawn to Life - Cirque du Soleil - 18%
Image: AMC
Image: AMC

So far, there seems to be a clear winner, if that is the right expression in this instance, AMC Dine-in Disney Springs 24 Theater has 30% of the vote for the one location you will miss the most. Having said that, Rainforest Cafe has 20% , Drawn to Life - Cirque du Soleil has 18%, T-REX Cafe has 17% of the vote with Ample Hills Creamery not far behind with 15%. Perhaps unsurprisingly Levi's is at 0%, many readers have said that they didn't know there was even an outlet at Disney Springs. Remember to KEEP VOTING and sharing this Poll, I will update you with the final results in Poll 9 which will be coming soon.

Poll 6 updated results - Which Delicious Disney Sweet Treat Is Your Mouth Watering For Most?

This is possibly my favourite poll so far, thinking about which sweet treat to sample first when those gates open. There was a clear winner when I announced the results in Poll 7, let's see with those extra votes whether the top three have changed at all:

  1. Dole Whip Float - 61% 
  2. Pongu Lumpia - 1%
  3. The Grey Stuff - 7%
  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake - 4%
  5. School Bread - 5%
  6. Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies Treats - 9%
  7. Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich - 4%
  8. Tonga Toast - 3%
  9. Ohana's Bread Pudding - 7% 
  10. Peanut Brittle - 0%
Dole Whip Float, Image: Disney
Image: Disney

There you have it, Dole Whip Float is the clear winner with 61% of the vote, let's hope Disney is well stocked when those gates open so you can enjoy it for real. Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies Treats, The Grey Stuff and Ohana's Bread Pudding grab the next top spots although there is not much between those four. Poor Peanut Brittle hasn't got out of the starting blocks but I am sure it is being missed by thousands of visitors just like all of these sweet treats will be. Don't forget to check out 8 Disney Parks Sweet Treats You Can Shamelessly Make At Home and have a go at creating them yourself. Good luck and enjoy!


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