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This week has finally seen an announcement from Disney as to their plans for Cast members and annual pass monthly payments. Poll 3 asked the question Should Disney Give Relief And Offer Options to Defer Monthly Payments For Annual Passholders?. Current results from this Poll show 51% of readers saying yes, 32% saying no and 17% saying a plan is needed.

Disney's decision should please 68% of you as automatic monthly payments for Walt Disney World and Disneyland Annual Passholders will stop for the remainder of the theme parks' closure. Walt Disney World and Disneyland will also retroactively refund payments made between March 14 through April 4, 2020. 

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When the notion of suspending monthly payments was initially floated there was inevitably comments from those annual passholders who had paid in full for their pass, well a plan has been put in place for these guests too. Annual Passholders who have already paid for their passes in full can opt to receive a partial refund for the closure period. However, guests who take advantage of this option will not have their annual passes extended while the parks are closed, and their expiration dates won't change. 

Poll 5 Results  - Alien Encounter Vs Stitch's Great Escape, Which do you think was the best?

With news last week that Stitch's Great Escape is to Finally be Demolished we asked the question, Alien Encounter Vs Stitch's Great Escape - Which do you think was the best? The results are now in and I must say that I am slightly surprised as to the enormous swing to Alien Encounter. I think we could have all guessed it may end as the victor but 91% of you chose it over just 9% voting for Stitch's Great Escape. With this in mind, at least the announcement of it being demolished won't come as bad news for majority of our readers.

Stitch's Great Escape, Theme Park Tourist
Image: Theme Park Tourist

About me continued . . .

Here in the UK we are a couple of weeks behind the US with the Stay at Home ruling so we have just finished week 2 of schools being out and it being home schooling all the way. It has been a full on week for us where we have finalized our school day timings and activities plan. We are still kicking off the day with PE with Joe Wicks and I am feeling the muscle soreness. I suppose that shows just how unfit I am. 

I received the letter this week, like thousands of people have saying we need to self isolate for 12 weeks due to our sons condition. That has therefore ended our weekend bike rides which is a blow. Having been naively optimistic about time frames for the Country lock down conditions, for me I suppose I have been pulled into the reality that lies ahead. These are indeed crazy times but we have at least got into a routine with Skyping and FaceTiming family and friends so we feel we are getting a glimpse of the outside world past the walls of our family home which is not the largest! 

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Image: Theme Park Tourist

I never thought getting shopping would be such a massive task, you will all know what I mean. We have been eating our way through the freezer and cupboards and limiting a quick trip to the local shop to once a week. I still can't quite believe that this involves treating the few people you may see like those that have the plague and then wiping down, sterilising all packets, boxes and bottles when you get home then leaving them for a few days before finally daring to bring them into the kitchen. Then a full strip down and washing of all clothes you were wearing and a thorough shower to make sure all potential virus germs are hopefully eradicated.

I totally understand this is necessary and we will continue to abide by all guidelines in order to make sure we pull together as a Country and get rid of this virus. Staying at home is vital in order to stop the spread and make sure the health service can help those people who are unfortunately having to suffer the effects of this virus. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to you all.


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