Stitch's Great Escape

With news this week that Stitch's Great Escape is to finally be demolished there have been lots of comments from our readers about the reasons why they loved or hated this ride. I thought this would therefore be the ideal subject to base our next poll on. But first let's discuss the results of our latest Polls.

Poll 3 Results - Should Disney Give Relief And Offer Options To Defer Monthly Payments For Annual Passholders

With Universal now confirming they are suspending monthly payments, Universal Orlando Resort Changes Several Policies in Light of COVID-19 Closure, an announcement from Disney is eagerly awaited as to whether they will also currently suspend annual passholder payments for those on the monthly payment plan.  The Poll 3 results clearly shows that 50% of you think a definite yes, with 33% saying no and the remaining 17% saying a plan needs to be worked out. There are inevitably differing opinions on this, especially from those who have already paid their subscription upfront.

Hagrid, Universal Orlando
Image: Universal

Poll 4 Results - After listening to YOU, what will you do first when you get into Disney's Magic Kingdom?

I loved hearing the responses you gave to Poll 4 regarding what you are most looking forward to when the gates open to Disney's Magic Kingdom. I took the top 5 results from Poll 2 which were Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean and added four others that had been most commented on. These were Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, taking a stroll along Main Street and around the Park, dining in your favourite restaurant, It's a Small World and the Dole whip queue. The results currently stand at:

  • Big Thunder Mountain - 10%
  • Haunted Mansion - 20%
  • Splash Mountain - 5%
  • Space Mountain - 0%
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - 7%
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 15%
  • Taking a stroll along Main Street and around the Park - 33%
  • Dining in your favourite restaurant - 0%
  • It's a Small World - 0%
  • Dole Whip queue - 10%

So there you have it, the thing most of you are looking forward to when you get into Disney's Magic Kingdom is taking a stroll along Main Street and around the Park. I loved one comment on Facebook which said "dancing down Main Street" which I think will sum up how we will all feel. Thanks for all your votes and comments.

Main Street, Disney's Magic Kingdom
Image: Theme Park Tourist

About me continued . . . 

The big news is we have survived the first week of home schooling. I hope you all have too! We have been enjoying the Joe Wicks 9am workout, well I say enjoying it, I have been absolutely tired out by the end of it but it has definitely been a good way to energize ourselves for the start of the day. Our boys are having a well earned rest this weekend, although they sneakily planned their own 20 minute workout for this morning, I thought great until I realized I had to take part! I told them that Sunday is historically the day of rest, to which they replied you can rest after the workout. That told me!

Our oldest son is fascinated by The Titanic so we are having a Titanic themed week leading up to the Easter holidays. The weather for us this week has been surprisingly beautiful and sunny everyday with temperatures of around 50 degrees which is good for the UK at this time of the year. We have made the most of playing in the garden, playing swing ball and tennis. We decided to have a School Trip to the local park on Thursday to take photographs of different trees, I thought that was clever! We cycled and took a picnic and sat right at the edge of park miles away from anyone else. The police came and moved us on saying we weren't aloud to stop, perhaps I should take more notice of the news so I am clear about the current guidelines, oops!

This coming week the weather is supposed to turn colder and wetter so I think baking will be on the menu, although what to bake may be a problem as we don't have much food in and I am reluctant to go shopping. I am sure we will scrape something edible together. I will update you regarding our home schooling ups and downs in my next article.

Castle, Disney's Magic Kingdom
Image: Theme Park Tourist

Back in Poll 1 - Don't miss your Theme Park Fix! I explained a little bit about us and promised to continue our story. So in short, between 2013-2016 Nick worked every moment he could on building the site up as a business which I have continued to run since he unfortunately died at the end of November 2016. We had to update the modules the site was built on in order to adhere to current page speed needs and preferred user designs. The site migrated to where it currently is today in November 2019 and we are now working extremely hard to build up the number of readers and pageviews. Like it is for majority of businesses the next few months are going to be testing times but at Theme Park Tourist we will continue to do our best to keep you up to date on all the latest news and advice for theme parks around the world. Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Here is the next poll for you to take part in.



We have ridden all three. When we first rode Mission to Mars, we found it deadly dull and boring. You sat in a seat and watched a movie on the floor of leaving earth and arriving on Mars...and the seats shook sometimes. Big deal! We didn't ride it again...UNTIL we actually had sent a probe to Mars for real. So my husband decided to ry it again, in case the updated it. No such luck! Then we never DID ride it again. But the Alien Encounter ride was a different story. It was really a great ride. I think the only drawback was that the water they used to simulate blood spatters and alien drool was cold. It would have been WAY more effective if it has been warm, or even room temperature. Stitch was just a lame take-off on Alien Encounter. I am 71 and our kids are now 43, 40 and 37, so they rode all three also. They also like Alien Encounter best. I hope the replacement is as good as that was.

Thanks Gail for your comment, that is so interesting to know. Alien Encounter does definitely sound the superior of the line up. I am very excited to see what they replace Stitch's Great Escape with and here's hoping it lives up to Alien Encounter. Kind regards.

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