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Back in 2017 during the D23 Expo Disney surprised guests by announcing a new space-themed restaurant that would be constructed in what was then known as Future World (but will now be known as World Discovery). No name or location details were provided at the time, but Disney did specify that this establishment would have special "windows" that simulate views of the galaxy as diners “travel high above the earth” during their meal.

And though it has been over two years since this initial announcement, we are still waiting for this new restaurant concept to open. After missing its initial Winter 2019 opening date, it looks like the revised March 2020 opening has been once again pushed back, and we are now reportedly looking at an April 2020 opening.

Image: Disney

Though this is definitely a bummer, according to sources familiar with the situation, the delay is due to a large custom-made pane of glass that broke during construction. Because of the size and shape of the glass, a replacement needed to be custom fabricated and ordered, a process which will take several weeks, which is why we're seeing another delay. 

However, when it does open, Space 220 will be unlike any other eatery in all of Walt Disney World! 

Taking an elevator 220 miles up (and then back down again!)

Image: Disney

Though Space 220 might seem like a strange name for a restaurant at Walt Disney World, the number actually refers to the number of miles above Earth diners will have to "travel" to get to this new dining location. And apparently, getting there will be half the adventure! 

Though Disney hasn't shared all the details yet, guests who show up to the entrance of this new restaurant will be able to board a special elevator outfitted with windows that let guests take in the views of the earth below them as they blast off into space and travel from Earth to this out-of-this-world dining location. 

Then once guests step into the dining room, they will be able to see amazing views of space with intergalactic scenery in the background, including a space station and a friendly astronaut floating nearby. Diners will be waited on by an international crew, and then, once their meal has concluded, will ride the elevator once again to return to Earth from their space dining experience. 



I'm honestly starting to develop Space 220 anxiety!! We're visiting Epcot from the UK on Friday 22 May and the window to get a reservation is going to be extremely tight. I'm checking every day, and fingers crossed we hear more information AND can book very soon!

Maybe at this point, releasing the menu for Space 220 might be a nice consolation prize. Gotta keep the excitement going.

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