Expedition Everest from afar

Let me guess: someone in your life is dragging you to Walt Disney World, and there are few places you'd rather be less.

To you, a visit to the Vacation Kingdom is like getting a root canal from a musical theater major – long, painful and needlessly chipper. But fear not, trepidatious traveller; there are attractions for you to enjoy too.

Like anything at Walt Disney World, the following ten attractions require something of an open mind to truly enjoy them, but as long as you're willing, you should be plenty entertained. 

Editor's note: Yes, fellow Disney fans...there really are family members who don't like the Mouse. If you're travelling to Walt Disney World with one of them, we hope this article helps out.

9. Kilimanjaro Safaris


Where it is: Africa, Disney's Animal Kingdom

What it is: A recreation of an African safari.

Why you'll like it: The secret to Walt Disney World is that every attraction, hotel, restaurant and sidewalk tells a story. What changes from ride to ride and park to park is how Disney Imagineers choose to tell that story.

Kilimanjaro Safaris' method of storytelling is rather simple: you experience live animals, and you experience them up close. The animals are completely real and not trained in any way, meaning that each ride is different and subject to the whims of nature.

The scenery is beautiful, the animals are majestic and the experience feels far more authentic anything else at Walt Disney World – the lack of singing animals and dancing princesses probably has something to do with that. 

8. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Where it is: Tomorrowland, Disney's Magic Kingdom

What it is: Arcade-style shooting gallery.

Why you'll like it: For the five glorious minutes you experience this attraction, your only concern is taking your standard-issue laser gun and firing it at “Z”-shaped targets. No need to worry about dinner reservations, Fastpass+, or the long walk to the bus.

Laser. Guns.

Each target you hit on your journey gives you a certain amount of points, and when the ride is over, you can compare scores with the rest of your party to determine who is the master marksman of the bunch.

After long plane rides, cramped hotels, and oppressive heat, beating your travel partner in some form of competition can be a small bit of paradise. Or, at the very least, it's an acceptable way to let out some pent-up aggression.

7. Expedition Everest


Expedition Everest


Image © Disney

Where it is: Asia, Disney's Animal Kingdom

What it is: A mine train roller coaster.

Why you'll like it: Expedition Everest takes you on a journey to the Forbidden Mountain, where you'll encounter the dreaded Yeti and experience a train ride that doesn't go entirely according to plan.

While the rest of your party kills their time waiting in line by checking their phones or chatting about the rest of the day's plans, you, the Disney Hater, should take a moment to look around. Disney went to great effort to recreate the native architecture, culture and feel of the Himalayas – even going so far as to build a museum dedicated to the Yeti.

The ride is, of course, a thrill – but its queue can be just as enjoyable for the more culturally-curious or architecturally-savvy vacationers. 

6. People watching

Where it is: Anywhere!

What it is: The most effective way to kill time anywhere in the Walt Disney World resort.

Why you'll like it: If people watching were a sport, Walt Disney World would be its Super Bowl.

Literally millions of people visit Walt Disney World each year, and those millions all have their own unique story to tell. It just so happens that for a brief moment, you've entered their story and get to watch it unfold: temper tantrums, proposals, family reunions, breakups, honeymoons – you name it, it's all there to be seen.

If you find yourself bored or exhausted at any moment on your vacation, just find the nearest bench and watch the world go by. Those stories can even be more compelling than the rides.



Downtown Disney is NOT an attraction. It's part of the parks. It's a shopping district. The Poly Beach is not considered an attraction either. The Attraction's are the shows and rides.

Soarn sucks

I believe that these attractions you just listed ARE some of the reasons that said article was talking about. These are the reasons why people DO NOT want to go to Disney. They are trying to give options OTHER than "rides" to draw these "haters" in. And the last I heard the Lion King Show was about $100 for tickets. Not free with park ticket anymore. And why in the world would ANYBODY force someone to go to Disney in the first place. I have never ever heard of such a thing. If someone doesn't want to go to Disney.....WHY MAKE THEM GO. Leave them home or get a sitter.

In reply to by JOANNE TORCHIA (not verified)

They moved the lion king show to Africa after closing camp mickey-minnie. What you're talking about is "Harambe nights", which was an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the lion king in animal kingdom after hours. Celebrity narrator, live orchestra, dance and singing, street party with free food and drinks. It was awesome.

Um, people watching, Polynesian Beach, and Downtown Disney lol? Those aren't really things to do...at least not that you can't do somewhere else. How about Test Track, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain RR, Mission Space, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, The Lion King stage show, Fantasmic, Rock n Roller Coaster, The Tower of Terror, egads! There's SO MUCH TO DO!

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