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Dakota has been visiting Walt Disney World since before he can even remember. His favorite things are Space Mountain, Disney's BoardWalk Resort, and those massive Mickey-shaped cookies dipped in chocolate. When he's not waiting in line at Ample Hills Creamery, he lives in New York where he works professionally as an editor for a sports website.

Articles by Dakota Gardner:

The 4 Biggest Theme Park Challenges Facing Bob Chapek

Passionate Disney Parks fans grumbled about Chapek’s management of the theme parks over the years, but for the majority of Disney Watchers, all Chapek would need to do is continue on autopilot for a few years while he found his footing. Now, all of that is out the window.

5 Simple Spots Where Disney Could Expand Its Orlando Parks

Walt Disney World is expanded all the time, and when the time comes for new rides, shows, and lands, Disney usually follows a master plan that readies certain areas for new construction months and years ahead of time. Sometimes, we can divine what these areas might be from satellite imagery or simple logic.

5 Ways Disney’s Operations Are Making Their Parks Worse, Not Better

While many things at Disney have been getting better and better, for some reason, operations seems to be in the midst of a bizarre overhaul. Perhaps it’s due to the sudden transition of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts President Bob Chapek into the CEO role for the entire company. Perhaps it’s due to some other invisible force. But, whatever the cause, what’s clear is that the parks feel more crowded, lines feel longer, and the general level of smoothness has dramatically declined. Why?

The 5 Most Important Rules of Walt Disney World Monorail, Bus, and Ferry Etiquette

Walt Disney World’s transportation system is every bit as impressive as the New York City Subway, and it also has its own set of rules for etiquette that help keep everyone sane. Whether it’s your first time to the Vacation Kingdom or your 50th, you’ve probably seen someone violate these rules and drive you just a little bit crazy.

5 Disney Things Everyone Daydreams About at Work

There are a select few out there who live close enough to Walt Disney World that they are able to visit the property whenever they need an escape from the real world – even if that’s every weekend. The rest of us, however, must pick our spots, often having to save up for months and even years to afford the time off and transit down to the Vacation Kingdom. So, instead, we daydream.

The 5 Biggest Transformations in Disney Parks History

No one is as good at this as Disney. No one. They are able to take any area of the park and transform it into something truly special, if they put in the right level of time and attention. Here are just a few examples of spots Disney has reimagined, thereby completely changing them for the better.

4 Big Theme Park Questions Disney’s Next CEO Needs to Answer

The Disney Parks are as good as they’ve ever been, yes, but after the highs of the Michael Eisner era, it’s hard not to wish they ere even greater. So, whoever gets the CEO job next will enter the role in much more stable condition than Bob Iger did — and as such, the theme parks will be a much greater priority. Here are five questions they’ll be faced with on day one, and the answers they give could change the face of the theme parks forever.

7 Things You 100% Will Take a Picture of at Walt Disney World

It doesn’t matter that it’s one of the most photographed locations on planet earth, nor does it matter that many of the pictures you take have also been taken by thousands of people before you. Having a camera out and snapping photos is part of the magic when you’re at Walt Disney World — in part because it’s such a rich environment, and in part because it’s fun to play the, “Yes, I was really there” game.

6 Things You Might Go to Disney 100 Times and Never Do

The Vacation Kingdom isn’t just great because of the awesome experiences it offers up — it’s also great because of just how many of those experiences there are in the first place. Even if you went every year for 100 years, you couldn’t see and do everything.

5 Holiday Events in Orlando that Aren’t at a Theme Park

You can only go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party so many times. The gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is wonderful, but it’s a brief diversion. If you’re in Orlando for an extended period of time and you’re looking for some off-property holiday attractions, don’t worry — Central Florida is as Christmasy as it gets.

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