Back in January 2022, we announced details about a massive new 1000+ acre resort which is planned for the US Midwest. The theme park within the resort has been billed as the world's first Eco Theme Park. In May, we brought you further information and concept art for this exciting new project which will be coming to the Chicago area. Now, we have even more information which has been released to us here at Theme Park Tourist on the new, first of its kind, Eco Theme Park.

The name of the park will be WILD and the location is now listed as the western suburbs of the Chicago area. We are hoping to release information on the exact location in the coming months. WILD is currently scheduled for an opening date in 2025/6.   

Image: WILD logo

Interactive animal experiences

Bat Exhibit, WILD
Image: Concept art, Bat Exhibit WILD

We have already reported on the Eco and green focus of the theme park and in addition to the theme park, the project will include a year round indoor facility that will house numerous attractions from dark rides to up close, interactive animal experiences. These include stingray petting exhibits, walk through bat caves, and a very wacky musical attraction all about the importance of bees.  

Other exhibits include hydro and aquaponics exhibits, a large format theater, and other themed rides and attractions. The park is nearly 300 acres and includes some of the largest immersive animal enclosures around.  These will only house exotics that have come from sanctuaries, rescues, or those strictly bred for hunting reasons.  

Rides and attractions

Flume Concept Art

The piece of concept art shown above is taken from a planned log flume ride where guests are said to be able to get brief views into the 5-acre Black Bear enclosure. The two images below show concept art from the proposed,  “The Amazon River Adventure” which will feature real animals from South and Central America.

River Ride, WILD
Image: Concept art River Ride, WILD
Concept art River Ride, WILD
Image: Concept art River Ride, WILD

The image below shows the Tea Cup pavilion from India.  It is part of a working tea farm where guests can see “eco friendly” methods to provide us with many people’s favorite drink.  There is also a plantation house that has the ultimate tea store and restaurant. Again, the aim has been to strip away the preachiness putting fun first with subtle but powerful messages.

Teahouse, WILD
Image: Teahouse, WILD

In addition, several highly themed rides ranging from coasters to unique one of a kind experiences will fill multiple themed lands. The image below is concept art of the proposed mine train.

Mine train, WILD
Image: Mine Train, WILD

The concept art below shows a storyboard from “The Bee Ride”.  It’s a musical adventure through a cartoony farm where fruits, vegetables, and flowers sing about the importance of bees using different themes of the same melody fitting their style.

Bee ride, WILD
Image: Bee Ride, WILD
Bee Ride, WILD
Image: Bee Ride, WILD
Bee ride, WILD
Image: Bee Ride, WILD

Below is a series of images showing just a few of the many other attractions that will be on offer at WILD.

Jackalope Concept Art
Image: Jackalope attraction
Swing Concept Art
Image: Concept Art WILD Jungle Swing Fling
Mythical Beasts Concept Art
Image: Concept art Mythical Beasts Carousel, WILD

Like many theme parks, WILD will be split into a number of themed lands...


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