Mystery Cove, Mall of America

The Mall of America which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota is already the largest shopping mall in the US being home to Nickelodeon Universe, SEA LIFE Aquarium, the Crayola Experience and FlyOver America. This new 320,000 square foot indoor water park has been in the making since 2018 and will be joining the already stellar line up.

It is currently slated to open at some point in 2024 and we are collating a range of information on this ambitious project to share with you.

Mystery Cove, Mall of America
Image: Mall of America

1. The name for this new indoor water park has now been confirmed

The name for this new indoor water park will be called Mystery Cove. The story and theming is a huge part of this project which takes inspiration from the past.

2. It will feature an array of attractions including a huge lazy river

We know that Mystery Cove will include a 1,400 ft lazy river as well as a wave pool which will include an indoor beachfront. There will also be a host of waterslides and other attractions.

3. Theming and storytelling is the key with own IP

The Mall of America team, Chris Grap, VP of experiential; Nathan Klutz, VP of construction; and Brian Spielman, VP of attractions have been given the job of creating this new indoor water park and it has been decided that they will create their own IP to tell a story by looking at the past.

The story aims to be something anyone can see themselves in and focuses on the adventure of the aviator and mechanic, Evelyn Siddy and her brother Arthur who was a botanist and naturalist.

On their adventure in 1936 to break the record set by Howard Hughes to travel coast to coast they hadn't planned for the unexpected heat wave that hit the Midwest and landed on the island of Mystery Cove. The story goes that they explored and thrived on the mystery island and more people arrived bringing their own individual talents and formed a inspiring community.

4. Theming is from the 1930s to 1950s

To link to the story of Evelyn and Arthur Siddy the theming takes inspiration from the 1930s to 50s including the movies and magazines. This can be seen in the logo which can be presented in a range of colors depending on the planned outcome.

Mystery Cove, Mall of America
Image: Mall of America

5. Design Concept is around repurposing reclaimed materials

This water park is not going to be like your usual shiny new water park on opening day. Taking the inspiration from Mystery Cove and community living on a remote island it is set to have a design concept using repurposed and reclaimed materials. 

6. The Park will be divided into 5 themed outposts

To continue the storytelling further, the new water park is divided into 5 themed outposts;  Fortune Falls, the Bizarboretum, the Cove, Eureka Reef, and Peril Peak.

The aim is to shy away from harsh lines and create a natural space so as guests feel they are on a mystery island and not in a concrete box.

Fortune Falls - entrance to park and home to the 1,400ft lazy river which takes guests through different parts of the park. 

The Cove - here you can marvel at the wave pool and Captain Vesuvio’s ship which is a focal point of Mystery Cove. The ship is also set to have a bar for guests aged 21+.

Bizarboretum - this is Arthur’s playground full of vegetation and an area for younger children to splash around and have fun. 

Eureka Reef - inspired by the atomic age of the 1960s and will be home to the main family attraction.

Peril Peak - this is the adventurous area and is based on the concept of the travelling familial circuses known as carpas and the renown stunts.

7. New innovative water ride design

Innovative new water ride experiences are promised including two family raft rides and numerous slides. Fibreglass will be heavily featured so you can interact with the attractions and feel part of them even when you aren't riding them.  

8. It will feature a dual wave pool

The 52,000 square feet wave pool is set to be a dual wave pool with different patterns and frequencies available. There will also be the ability to have one pattern in one pool and a different one in the other. The possibilities are huge.

9. Special Sundown event each evening

To ensure the water park looks great in the day and evening, a sundown event will be triggered by two guests with torches which will change the atmosphere and give a bonus experience.

10. Halloween and Holidays will be celebrated

Special events throughout the year will be celebrated at this new indoor water park including Halloween and the holidays.

11. Escape room elements included in the design

An added feature for guests is to enjoy escape room elements which will be incorporated in the design of the different areas. These games can be played and enjoyed whilst in the water park.

There will be extensive changing facilities and food and drink options at Mystery Cove. For further information on Mystery Cove check out this article posted to Blooloop and we will keep you posted on further details over the coming months here at Theme Park Tourist.

Would you like to visit this new indoor water park at the Mall of America? Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll or by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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