Wild Moose, RMC

The chances are, majority of people reading this would have alighted a classic Wild Mouse roller coaster at some point in their life. Well, Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) has just announced their new take on the classic Wild Mouse coaster which is set to transform this offering in theme parks around the world.

The new Wild Moose Coaster shares some similar characteristics with the iconic Wild Mouse coaster, having a fairly small footprint and tight corners. However, the new Wild Moose coaster is certainly going to be a different beast to the traditional Wild Mouse coaster that frequents many theme parks across the globe. In the newly released video from Rocky Mountain Construction which is embedded below, we get to see what the new Wild Moose coaster will look and feel like.

As you can see from the video, it is dubbed as the next "groundbreaking innovation from Rocky Mountain Construction" and is a complete reinvention of the iconic Wild Mouse roller coaster. The Wild Moose coaster will have the following features:

  • New entirely redesigned trains with 12 rather than 4 seats meaning there can be two trains operating to increase capacity.
  • All steel structure with a two railed iBox track system.
  • 47ft Tall
  • 1,260ft long
  • 35mph maximum speed
  • Unmistakable RMC ride experience
  • Popular pre-lifts
  • Small footprint, 150ft long by 80ft wide
Wild Moose, RMC
Image: Rocky Mountain Construction

Due to the small footprint it is designed to be able to fit into any park and can be used to replace existing Wild Mouse coasters. RMC commented on their new Wild Mouse coaster saying, “With our patented I-Box system, we are able to fabricate track so twisted that it almost appears deformed. This gives us an unparalleled ability to introduce new ride experiences and wonky visuals that can only be described with one word: fun!”

Wild Moose, RMC
Image: Rocky Mountain Construction

The exciting question now is, which park is going to be first to have one of these all new Wild Moose coasters from Rocky Mountain Construction?

Cedar Point recently opened their new Wild Mouse coaster back in May 2023 as part of the Boardwalk area of the park, it leaves us thinking how awesome it would have been if this new offering could have been the Wild Moose! You never know, perhaps we will get to see the Wild Moose coaster coming to Cedar Point some time in the future.

Many suggestions are being made including; Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Tampa to replace the Sand Serpent, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Darien Lake. Only time will tell where the first Wild Moose coaster will be installed. We will keep you up to date with the latest news regarding this exciting new offering from Rocky Mountain Construction.

Wild Moose, RMC
Image: Rocky Mountain Construction

Do you think the Wild Moose will be a good replacement for the classic Wild Mouse coaster? Which park would you like to see the Wild Moose coaster coming to? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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