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Here at Theme Park Tourist we now have new unofficial information regarding the World's First Eco Theme Park and Resort Coming To The Midwest which we first reported on back in January. Here is the latest update.

"The project is planned for the Midwest in the general Chicago area. The exact location will not be released until the zoning details are finalized with the communities involved and those surrounding the project."

"The project will feature several phases over a period of consecutive years. Among these include a large indoor, year around facility with numerous attractions and small animal environments. This building will serve as the gateway to a large theme park based around animals both real and fictional. Various lands are styled after the locations from which the animals originate and will include the food, music, merchandise, and culture of these exotic locales."

India Concept Art
Image: India

"Each land will also contain rides and attractions all with subtle messages of a “green” earth. The messaging will range from educational attractions similar to Disney’s The Land to outright fun attractions such as coasters where messaging will be provided via displays or signage in the queues. These types of attractions are being included so the facility can provide the best care for our animals, and offer numerous educational and internship opportunities by being financially self sustaining."

Swing Concept Art
Image: Jungle Swing Fling

"The animal enclosures will all be designed to replicate the natural habitat of the animals and will be some of the largest of their kind. All of the animals will come from sanctuaries, zoo overflow, and those seized from roadside attractions and illegal private ownership. Others will be acquired from facilities that sadly breed exotics solely for the purpose of hunting."

"The only animals that will be taken from the wild will be those slated for annual culls and those species that are invasive and destroying the natural eco system which they have invaded. Hunting permits will be filed, and working with the USDA and DNR they will be taken alive and brought to spacious enclosures within the park."

"Other features that make this park the first Eco Theme Park include the use of extensive energy generating systems including solar, wind, and other new technologies. These include products being tested such as power generating pavers in queue lines among several others."

"In addition, a planned resort with a massive indoor water park will be double plumbed so that water from sinks and showers will be filtered and used for watering landscaping. The roof tops of large show buildings housing attractions will be covered in solar panels or covered in insulating grasses and bee attracting flowers."

"These are just a few of the ways this project hopes to provide fun and exciting experiences and “green” education without becoming preachy. Fun comes first with messaging added in creative non invasive ways. More information will be released in the near future as the project clears various hurdles."

Jackalope Concept Art
Image: Jackalope attraction

So, to summarise we now know that this new World's First Eco Theme Park will be coming to the Chicago area. The "green" theme will be portrayed through the attractions in entertaining and non-preachy ways and there will be a large focus on producing energy for the site through renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. New technologies and products will also be used such as power generating pavers in queue lines. 

Animals are set to feature heavily in the theme park and we are promised that they will have large enclosures and care will be the top priority. Animals will come from sanctuaries and zoos or places where they are not being looked after properly such as those seized from roadside attractions and illegal private ownership. Animals will only be taken from the wild that would otherwise be killed. Nature and conservation are key to this project. 

Many people may question how an eco park can be fun but it is clear that fun sits at the heart of the attractions and experiences that will be on offer at this new theme park. 

A number of images showing new concept art for this upcoming eco park have also been unofficially released for us to share with you...


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