A visit to Walt Disney World brings a lot of entertainment into your life. There’s always room for a bit more, though. When you’re at the parks with your friends, you want to have a good time. And that usually means teasing the people that you love. Here are some of the funniest pranks to pull at Walt Disney World.

The reluctant pilot

Image: Disney

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge creates such an immersive atmosphere that you’ll forget that you’re at a theme park for a time. When you board Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, you’ll totally believe that your performance on this attraction comes with real-world implications. The Resistance is counting on you for coaxium and intergalactic credits!

The presumption when you enter the cockpit is that all six members of your stellar team will work together to pull off a heist. What happens when one of you turns heel, though?

I’ve ridden in Millennium Falcon when the pilot actively worked against the rest of the crew. It adds an element of danger that JJ Abrams or George Lucas could never create. We all feared for our lives and felt every vibration when the driver kept steering us into walls, and obstacles, and other spacecraft, and…

Seriously, the quickest way to make enemies on Batuu is to tank on Smugglers Run. People want a long time in line for this experience. You violate the social contract when you intentionally cause them to lose. It’s pretty funny.

The twisting rafter

Image: Disney

When is the last time you rode Grizzly River Run or Kali River Rapids? Do you remember how the multi-person raft would rotate as it circled down the watery path? Did you know that you have some control over the spin cycles?

Yes, a group of three motivated guests can cause a splash of Hell for innocent riders on the other side of the raft. What you need to do is take a couple of practice runs. Learn where the soaking spots occur. Then, test your ability to spin the raft. It will require a bit of training.

Once you’re ready, persuade your friends to go for a ride with you. Then, just before you reach the hot spots, leverage your body weight to rotate the raft. You can absolutely drench your friends. Please don’t do this to strangers, though. It’s a total dick move.



I tried Beverly at Epcot in the Coke Pavilion. It was awful! In fact, it was so awful that I tried it again and again!

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