The spinning Space Ranger

Image: Disney

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin presumes that you care about saving the galaxy from the evil Emperor Zurg. Star Command places you in charge of a spaceship and tasks you with the retrieval of batteries that could power an entire enemy fleet. Folks, those adorable Three-eyed Aliens will die if you fail.

The last thing that anyone would expect is a lack of effort on Space Ranger Spin. After all, you’re not merely becoming a Galactic Hero. You’re also earning bragging rights over the person sitting beside you in the vehicle. But here’s the thing.

You can “win” at this ride without accurate aim. All you need to have is a strong stomach and the willingness to upset your co-pilot. The most entertaining approach on Space Ranger Spin is just spinning the ride cart over and over again. Since you’re in control of the motion, it won’t make you as dizzy as your partner.

You can prank them with a bunch of sudden twists. Then, while they’re trying to avoid a protein spill, you can shoot enough batteries to win. This action is mean, duplicitous, and absolutely hilarious.

The gross beverage

Image: Disney

Okay, the nature of this prank has changed recently, but the crux of it remains intact. Italian consumers possess THE worst taste in beverages. You’d think that wine artisans would have better palates, but they apparently don’t.

I'm referencing the Beverly, a soft drink that Italians willingly consumed for 40 years. This super-bitter beverage tastes like evil, but it's disguised in Coke packaging. You can easily trick a friend into thinking that it tastes good. Now, that person will stop being your friend after a swig of this swill. But pranks always come with an element of risk.

Historically, you’d trick someone into sampling the Beverly at Club Cool, a spot in Epcot that Disney closed in late 2019. You can still pull off the trick; it’ll just take more effort now. You’ll need to persuade the victim to visit the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar at Disney Springs.

Until Disney brings back Club Cool, which they may not, the official Coke establishment is the exclusive home to the Beverly in Orlando. So, order it and swear that it’s the greatest taste ever. Then, prepare to run when your friend tries this vile concoction and vows retaliation on you.



I tried Beverly at Epcot in the Coke Pavilion. It was awful! In fact, it was so awful that I tried it again and again!

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