The fan of the villains

Image: Disney

Okay, this prank’s based on a real story. We love 1900 Park Fare and have a wonderful time interacting with the Evil Stepsisters. During one visit, Drizella asked us what we hated the most about Cinderella. We didn’t really have an answer at the time, which caused her to tease us about our lack of wit.

My wife, who always loves a challenge, compiled a list for the next time we ate a meal there. When the cast member portraying Drizella visited our table, we handed her the list. Well, it was a different person than before, and the horror in her eyes defied expression.

Clearly a Cinderella fan, she couldn't even pretend like she was anything other than appalled by our list. She all but sprinted away from our table. We've had something similar happen at Storybook Dining at Artist Point. The Evil Queen honestly doesn't expect people to pick her over Snow White and the Dwarfs. It's quite fun to surprise a cast member with unpredictable behavior. Most of them adapt well to improvisation, too.

The poser picture

Image: Disney

This one’s been done to death, but that doesn’t make it any less hysterical. The next time that you and some friends will visit Magic Kingdom, do some planning for your Splash Mountain ride.

Guests famously perform elaborate photo ops on this attraction. During the final drop, people pretend like they’re eating a meal or reading the newspaper or even playing a videogame. The crucial aspect of this trick is that everyone must work together. Otherwise, the non-prankers will stick out and thereby ruin the picture.

You really need up to eight people working together to sell the theme. You should come up with an idea ahead of time, as getting that many people organized at the last moment is difficult. Also, matched costumes are a must, as they establish continuity.

Grab some scrubs and pretend like you’re performing surgery or something. Wear baseball jerseys and have someone hold a bat while someone else pretends to pitch. Just have fun with it and remember! The best Splash Mountain pictures get immortalized forever! This is the nicest prank on the list since it doesn’t hurt anybody.

The track taunt

Image: Disney

This prank is the toughest to pull off, as it only works once. You must find someone who has never ridden Expedition Everest before. Then, you need to sit with them as the ride cart ascends the Forbidden Mountain. You can guess where I’m going with this.

The most exciting moment on this roller coaster occurs when the train reaches the summit. At this point, the rider notices something unsettling. As this moment approaches, start freaking out.

Point out the broken tracks up ahead. Tell your friend that this isn’t part of the ride. Start acting like you need to signal someone that it’s an emergency. Oversell this bit to the best of your ability. Then, just before the ride begins to move again, say something like, "Everything's fine as long as we don't go backward."

Presuming that you have any acting ability whatsoever, your companion will be in total freak-out mode during the entire ride. They’ll hate you afterward, but they will never forget that first journey to the Forbidden Mountain.



I tried Beverly at Epcot in the Coke Pavilion. It was awful! In fact, it was so awful that I tried it again and again!

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