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5 Walt Disney World Upcharge Experiences that are Actually Worth the Money

The Chef’s Table


Image: Disney

When most of us want to do something special at Walt Disney World, we grab dinner at the California Grill. When we want to do something really special, if we’re fortunate, we do a tasting menu at the world-renowned Victoria and Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

But if that isn’t enough — if a five-star experience just doesn’t quite cut it for you — there is one other tier you can elevate to: the Chef’s Table at Victoria and Albert’s.

In this experience, head chef Scott Hunnel crafts a personalized menu for your party’s specific tastes and preferences. From there, the kitchen is your show as you get to enjoy seeing your meals prepared while you sit right beside the kitchen.

It’s an amazingly difficult reservation to score, and it’ll cost you $250 per person to try it. But if you do, you’d be hard pressed to say it wasn’t worth it.

The Void


Image: Disney

If attractions are more your speed, one of the best at Walt Disney World isn’t found in any one theme park. Instead, it’s hidden at Disney Springs — The Void’s virtual reality Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience.

Due to its limited capacity, the Star Wars VR experience is an upcharge attraction. But, for $30, guests can enjoy one of the single most immersive Star Wars experiences you could possibly imagine.

The Void’s unique style of VR storytelling includes real-world sets and props that guests can interact with while wearing their VR helmets. The result is a unique combination of the real world and the virtual world — if a railing appears in front of you, you can touch it and it’ll be there for real.

The experience lasts around a half-hour, but for a Star Wars superfan, it’ll feel like it flew by in just a matter of minutes. And, coming toward the end of the year, The Void will premier a new Wreck-It Ralph-themed attraction at Disney Springs.

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