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Think Florida Has No Good Roller Coasters? Here's 9 Amazing Rides to Prove You Wrong!

Florida is the theme park capital of the world. Sorry, Cedar Point! Yes, you have the most roller coasters in a single location, but the state of Florida has you beat in terms of quantity and quality. Don’t worry! Everyone still loves you!

Now that I’ve apologized for any potential hurt feelings (you’re good too, Knott’s Berry Farm!), let’s get back to the point. Florida has an amazing assortment of roller coasters throughout the state. Many of the best ones are in two places, though. Let’s be honest that Orlando and Tampa are the unofficial theme park capitals of Florida. The list will reflect that. Similarly, I prefer thrill rides that also have themes, which means that something undeniably wonderful like The Dragon at Legoland Florida or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train won’t make the cut here due to velocity limitations. The Incredible Hulk narrowly misses because it’s not very…Hulk-ish. Keeping these criteria in mind, here are the best roller coasters in Florida!

9. Test Track

Test Track is undeniably a masterpiece, an immersive ride experience. A replacement for World of Motion, it’s a fascinating exploration of car engineering. Disney and Chevrolet, the ride sponsor, show what a manufacturer has to evaluate in building a new vehicle. It does this in a manner so seamless that many riders don’t even realize that they were a part of such a simulation.

As an attraction, Test Track is the gold standard. It’s an amazing, engaging ride that satisfies on every level. As a roller coaster, it’s harder to judge. The stop-and-start elements of the attraction aren’t what people have come to expect from roller coasters. And those blinding few moments of daylight when the doors open, thrusting the rider into sunlight, are only a small portion of the ride-time. Yes, the rush of surging from 0 to 64.9 miles per hour is invigorating, but it only lasts for about 40 seconds. As much as I love Test Track (it’s probably my favorite attraction on this list) I don’t think that’s enough to slot it higher on the list of best roller coasters.

8. SheiKra

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is quietly a powerhouse in the field of roller coaster design. Several of their attractions merited consideration for this list. In the end, I settled on two for this list (sorry, Montu!). SkeiKra is the inferior of the two in the same way that one of Paul McCartney or John Lennon is the inferior Beatle. People harbor strong feelings about each one, and the same is true of the best two attractions at this park.

SheiKra is a dive coaster that effectively takes a section of stadium seats, connects them together, and then races the whole group through 3,188 feet of track at breakneck speeds. The theoretical maximum velocity is 70 miles per hour, but due to the design of these seats, you’ll feel like you’re going much faster. It offers one of the most exhilarating, out of control sensations possible on a roller coaster. The only reason why I didn’t slot it higher is that the ride is a bit uncomfortable for some. The unique design definitely isn’t for everyone.

7. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Look, anything that’s good enough for Sharknado 3 is good enough for me. Okay, that shameless bit of cross-promotion was a misstep, but in terms of explosive roller coasters, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit delivers one of the coolest ride experiences available in Florida.

The attraction is an x-coaster with a 90-degree vertical drop. You don’t have to know a lot about geometry to understand that a 90-degree drop is straight down! With a top speed of 65 miles per hour and a lot of breaks, turns, corkscrews, and faux inversions, Universal delivers one of the most inventive coaster rides yet created. And you even get to pick your choice of tunes for the ride!

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There are 5 comments.

Wow. I have never disagreed with a list on this site more than this one.

How can you even have Test Track on this list? It is not by any definition a roller coaster. It's not even in the roller coaster database. Then you arbitrarily discount rides with "velocity limitations" but then you include space mountain which actually has a slower top speed than the two examples you listed as being excluded. Then the most egregious error. Leaving the Hulk and Montu off of the list? Wow just wow. They are two of the best rides in Florida let alone coasters. And they are oftentimes ranked decently high in several "best of" coasters in the country. That's nothing to say about leaving off dragon challenge, Cheetah Run, or Manta off the list You state you crossed the Hulk off of the list because it didn't qualify due to lack of themeing but you include the Kumba which has absolutely zero themeing and is on my personal list for worst coaster in Florida because it rides about as smooth as chunky peanut butter. The thrill of Kumba may last for a couple minutes but the headache it gives you will stay with you for the rest of the day.

My personal Top 10 FL Coasters (I have not been on Mako yet)
1. Montu
2. Dragon Challenge
3. The Hulk
4. Kraken
5. Thunder Mountain
6. Rockin' Roller Coaster
7. Space Mountain
8. Expedition Everest
9. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
10. Manta

But I get it. It's your article and your list and you absolutely love Test Track, I do too! (even though it is not a roller coaster) and I love your other articles and this website so we'll just have to agree to disagree :)

Test Track is NOT a roller coaster, in any way, shape, or form! It's a great ride, but it's not a coaster. No Hulk, no Dragon Challenge, no Montu, no Cheetah Hunt!? All of those are so much better than Rip, Ride, Rock-it.

Ummm..... Test Track isn't a coaster. Not even close. Weird that I should have to point this out to a Theme Park website.

Nice list, but I must respectfully disagree with your view that Mako "is just not special or distinguished in any way. People who want a pure thrill will have a great time on Mako. I’m just not sure they’ll remember much about it afterward. The top five entries on this list are all unforgettable ride experiences".

Mako is hands down my favorite coaster in Florida because of one key feature that makes it VERY memorable and unforgettable - AIRTIME! In a state that has tons of B&M looping coasters that tend to showcase positive g's - that feeling of being pressed tightly into you seat - Mako does the reverse - I spend more time on Mako floating above my seat than I do touching it! This simply doesn't happen on most of Florida's other coasters - although Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, the two vertical drops of Sheikra, the Fun Spot woodies, and the late, great wooden Gwazi at BGT certainly come close.

Also, the trains and lap-bar restraints of Mako are so free and open, and allow riders to experience every delicious morsel of Mako's exquisite airtime to its maximum potential and in perfect comfort. This B&M hypercoaster masterpiece was the one major hole missing in our Florida collection and I am so happy to finally have it after wanting one for so long. Coasters are all about airtime and tall drops for me, which makes Mako about as good as steel is ever going to get for me (nothing can touch the wooden masterpiece known as Voyage at Holiday World)!

I could easily spend the entire day riding Mako. The only reason I don't is because I also love spending time with the animals!

I enjoy your site and all the news about the Florida parks!

Theme Park and Coaster fan and part-time central-Floridian

No Hulk? No Dragon Challenge? Test track is on here?

Remember when this site used to have great articles instead of cheap clickbait?


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