Eating at Disney Springs has grown all too exciting in recent years. Disney has changed the entire identity of the area, evolving the prior Downtown Disney concept into a complete theme of springs everywhere. The company has also prioritized fine dining, incentivizing famous chefs to open restaurants onsite. Nobody ever goes hungry at Disney Springs these days.

If anything, the problem at the entertainment complex is too much choice. Disney has built a special food truck area that is capable of satisfying the hunger of basically any customer. They also have more than 20 restaurants onsite at Disney Springs. Which ones are the best, you wonder? Well, that answer is always in the eye of the beholder. Chaos theory ensures that the same two people will have entirely different meal experiences when eating at the same establishments. Keeping that in mind, here are my selections for the best restaurants at Disney Springs.

7. Splitsville

Image: DisneyNothing whets the appetite like the smell of used bowling shoes, right? Your preconceived notion on this subject could lead you astray here. Splitsville is one of the most unique and engaging dining experience on the entire Walt Disney World campus. It’s also one of the hidden gems of Disney Springs.

At Splitsville, you’ll discover a shockingly deep menu of food options. In truth, that’s one of the traits of most Disney Springs fare. In a shameless attempt to cater to the needs of every potential eater, most of the restaurants offer an outsized menu. Splitsville, a restaurant inside a bowling alley, offers spring rolls, mahi mahi, and edamame as menu options. You will NOT find these flavors at your local bowling alley. Plus, they have something called Macho Nachos, which sounds like a fighter from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. When you eat at Splitsville, you'll enjoy great food in an inimitable setting. Any self-respecting theme park tourist has to try it at least once.

6. D-Luxe Burger

Image: DisneyIs there anything more All-American than Walt Disney World? And is there anything more All-American than a burger, fries, and a milkshake? The answer to both questions is an emphatic no, and that’s why D-Luxe Burger makes the list. The name tells the story here. Craft burgers are all the rage, and this Town Center restaurant is the undisputed king of Disney Springs.

As a burger fan (they’re all that keeps me alive), I have a soft spot for any place that specializes in mankind’s greatest food. D-Luxe Burger is basically a higher end version of Five Guys, the most wonderful chain restaurant ever invented, and what’s awesome about the place is that the food is cheap by Disney Springs standards.

Image: DisneyA couple can eat here for $25-$28, and I’m being specific here. D-Luxe Burger offers three menu options for couples. You each get a burger and a drink, and you share a mountain of fries for $27.99 or less, depending on how adventurous you are with your burger choice. And what’s great here is that the restaurant accepts mobile ordering. It’s one of the first grab and go spots at Disney Springs, making it an ideal option to maximize your time in the entertainment district.


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