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It has the potential to be a very contentious issue, with some people having a clear yes or no answer to whether COVID-19 vaccine passports should be used for entry to theme parks, whilst others sit on the fence still trying to make up their mind.

As vaccination programmes continue to ramp up across the globe we thought we would ask you in our latest Big Debate, COVID-19 Vaccine Passports for Theme Parks, Yes or No?

Based on the number of people who have voted this week, the issue of vaccine passports is obviously an important one. As of yet we are not entirely sure if, where, when or how vaccine passports may be used in theme parks in the future? It seems unlikely that they will be used in the coming months at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and the other theme parks in Florida as Florida Governor Seeks to Ban Vaccine Passports at Theme Parks.

However, is this decision likely to change? Are we going to see Vaccine Passports becoming mandatory across other states in the US and across the world? Would it make you feel safer when visiting theme parks? Is it morally and ethically right?


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When setting this debate I suppose I thought that there would be a large majority of people against having COVID-19 Vaccine Passports at theme parks but actually I was quite surprised at the results:

  • Yes - 44%
  • No - 56%

Although the majority of readers voted against Vaccine Passports, interestingly 44% said Yes to having them at theme parks. That is a large percentage.

As I said in the original Big Debate article I was one of those people very much on the fence and unsure of how I would vote. I have received my first vaccination and because of that I think I would be happy to show a vaccine passport if it was required for me to enter a chosen theme park but I am not 100% sure if it is morally or ethically right?

Your Thoughts and Comment

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As always in our Big Debate articles we share a selection of your comments, aiming to show both sides of the debate. We had over 350 comments on this debate so it has definitely created a lot of interest amongst our readers. Here are a range of your thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine Passport use in theme parks:

"Nope. If you are vaccinated, that’s great. If you choose not to get vaccinated, that is your choice. I don’t feel that any private business should need to know about my medical history to deem whether or not I am worthy to spend my money with them."

"The question I have is for those of us who’ve had the virus and don’t want the vaccine because we have some immunity already and the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t get it again, do we get penalized for not having a vaccine card."

"Nope. It’s against HIPAA regulations as it is not anyone’s business knowing my medical history."

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"It doesn't matter if we're really willing or not. It's just like wearing a mask. Doesn't matter if we like it or not. If Disney tells us we need to show Vacc proof or wear a mask to be able to enter their property, than I guess we have to show it or wear it or we can't go."

"Absolutely. A vaccine passport shows your name and the date of vaccination. Your passport shows address, where you've travelled, date of birth, and emergency contact info, and I've no problem showing that in order to travel. Not to mention driver's licence too."

"If it means not wears mask- yes I’ll show a card."

"If a private business feels like adding that as a safety measure I believe they have the right too. I would show it if I wanted to go and have the right not to go if I didn’t want to abide by their regulations. That being said, I think they’d be shooting themselves in the foot to require it. Should the government make the decision to require it or not? I don’t think so."

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"I honestly don’t care either way but I find it funny that people will share that they have a disability to theme parks to get an ADA pass to bypass waiting in lines but don’t want to show a vaccine card because that goes against medical privacy rights."

"You can buy a vaccine card on line now. Until there is a fool proof hacker free way of stopping all fraud; cards are useless."

"Yes. Had to have them for educational and travel purposes throughout my life so see no difference now. Just one dudes opinion."

"Face it, most people against showing proof of vaccine are the ones who don't want to get it."

"HIPPA laws were set in place to secure your right to privacy for sensitive issues like having a disease. Showing a passport for a vaccine doesn’t contain any private matters. Disney would have a nightmare if they did this. The entrance is already a problem and this would cause a backup they can’t handle."

"Just because you are vaccinated doesn't mean you can't spread it. What's the point?"

"There are people with health issues that prevents them from getting Vaccine."


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So, in summary there are lots of valid points that have been put across in the comments. There appears to be a large amount of people who are against it because they feel their medical history is their business and their business only. A couple of readers raised the issue of forged passports and being able to buy them from the internet which would inevitably cause problems wnen confirming authenticity. 

Concerns from those that aren't able to have the vaccine due to medical reasons, what would happen to those people? Also, some readers are questioning the fact that even with a vaccine you can still get the virus and be asymptomatic so what is therefore the point? The vaccine decreases your chances of getting COVID-19 so it would surely make theme parks safer overall even with the chance that a minorty of the guests could still be carrying the virus and don't know.

Many readers comment that they would gladly show a vaccine passport if this meant they could abolish their mask. If you haven't had chance to have your say yet, leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page.



I'm 100% against vaccine passports, and this article nicely sums up my reasons. I have other reasons as well, such as freedom of choice (my body, my choice) and discrimination against those who are medically unable or too medically risky to be vaccinated as well as discrimination against the many people who object to vaccination on long-term safety concerns or philosophical grounds):

"1. Science. While the vaccines being deployed have shown to have impressive efficacy in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for symptomatic Covid-19, at this point there is no concrete evidence that they can thwart transmission, scientists say. “So there is a danger of simply assuming because you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t then spread Covid-19, and that would not be a good scientific basis for a policy of passports,” Archard says.

2. Discrimination. Such passports will be used to give people who are vaccinated and presumed to have immunity the ability to do things that others cannot. Others who choose not to get vaccinated despite being offered the vaccine may also lose out on opportunities. There is a danger of stigmatizing individuals who lack certification, even if they already have natural immunity, and Archard suggests you may also penalize people who are already at a disadvantage because of certain inequalities.

3. Privacy. These passports could mean that personal health data is shared with third party companies. “Could it be used in ways that are unfair, that are stigmatizing, and that are prejudicial to the interests of individuals? Exactly how it is put into practical effect would also raise reasonable ethical concerns that would need to be addressed.”

4. Variants. Most countries are in the early stages of the vaccine rollout, and given concerns about the impact of existing variants on the ability of vaccines to offer protection, it would be premature to introduce the passport system.

5. Fraud. The passports could encourage people who have not been vaccinated yet or have chosen not to be vaccinated to get certification on the black market, according to Hunter. So if passports are adopted, he says, “it has to be done in a way that is not subject to fraud”."


It all starts with incremental infringements on your personal privacy. Masks have had zero effect, yet we complied. Vaccines won't help yet you comply, NOT ME. And now a vaccine "passport"? So like a social credit score. Do what we say or your priveleges to participate in societal norma will be curbed. OBEY THE STATE!!

Vaccines aren’t bulletproof, continue with temp checks then lift mask mandate outdoors in 2022 , continue masks indoors till numbers are way down

Maybe the headline should read "56% say No to vaccine passports"
You don't need a passport , you receive a card stating you where vaccinated with the dates when you receive the shots. Maybe people should hold on to those.

I totally understand what you are saying and in the article itself I talk about the majority of people saying 'no. My thought process behind the title was due to having thought a massive majority of our readers would say 'no' but when the results came in I thought 44% of voters saying 'yes' was somewhat surprising. Just trying to point that out but totally see your point that the title could have been 56% of voters say 'no' to vaccine passports for theme parks. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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