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As news begins to circulate about the potential for a "vaccine passport" to be developed (which would allow those who have completed their COVID-19 immunization to have an easy way to show their vaccination status in order to travel, attend sporting events, etc. that require vaccination to attend), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has weighed in on this possibility and has said definitively that State of Florida will not support vaccine passports. At a press conference, DeSantis confirmed that he will be taking executive action to ban vaccine passports in the state later this week. 

Some have wondered if major theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld and others would require some kind of proof of vaccination as they increase capacity limits and (potentially) end mandatory mask wearing, but Governor DeSantis has said unequivocally that it would be inappropriate for theme parks in the state to require proof of vaccination. You can check out video of his comments in the video below: 

With vaccines for COVID-19 rolling out across the US, many are hoping to see additional loosening of restrictions at places like theme parks, but health experts are warning that until most of the population is widely vaccinated, distancing efforts should continue, which means that even though tweaks and changes may happen in the coming weeks, guests shouldn't expect mandatory masks and limited capacity to go away entirely any time soon.

What do you think about the use of vaccine passports at theme parks? Would you support the use of these documents if it meant Disney could get rid of mandatory masks, capacity caps, and bring back entertainment? 



Florida has officially banned vaccine passports.
Disney will likely lift their mask mandate once legal and the unions agree - which likely depends on these 2 things:
> Legal likely wants liability protection for businesses (became law on March 29)
> Unions likely want vaccines to be widely available in FL (scheduled to happen April 5)
Rest assured that Disney unions are nothing like teachers unions.
Other theme parks may be subject to city/county mandates. Disney isn't due to the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

California, on the other hand, has a statewide mask mandate which requires that "People in California must wear face coverings when they are outside of the home" unless an exception applies.
CA and FL have taken very different approaches to reopening.

Can't say I'm quite ready to give up ALL my civil liberties just yet. As it is, we've now being told the vaccines given are only good for 6 months, tops, so what then? The 'passports' have to be renewed semi-annually? You KNOW that's not going to be free, and yet ANOTHER piece of red tape and money maker for those 'in the know'. No, if they go that route, I'll just stay home until they PROVE these emergency vaccine's are goof proof and not just a band aide for the situation, I'll keep my money in my pocket and go do something else. Even the head of the CDC is recommending keeping masks on at least until the end of the year even after vaccination, so this question is sort of moot, as Disney won't allow 'no masks' until that 'all clear' is given by the government. JMO, though.

I do not believe there's anything wrong with requiring proof of vaccination. These are private businesses who made and evolved their own rules for entry for decades. This is another moment in time where they can upgrade the rules to keep their staff and guests safer.

As Disney is a private organization and attendance is voluntary, I wholly support allowing them to require vaccine proof before admission. I would gladly show proof at the gate if it meant getting back to the pre-covid Disney with no masks, all the shows and fireworks available, and the magic back.

If someone does not want to prove they have received the vaccine, feel free to stay away from Disney World.

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