I'm 100% against vaccine passports, and this article nicely sums up my reasons. I have other reasons as well, such as freedom of choice (my body, my choice) and discrimination against those who are medically unable or too medically risky to be vaccinated as well as discrimination against the many people who object to vaccination on long-term safety concerns or philosophical grounds):

"1. Science. While the vaccines being deployed have shown to have impressive efficacy in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for symptomatic Covid-19, at this point there is no concrete evidence that they can thwart transmission, scientists say. “So there is a danger of simply assuming because you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t then spread Covid-19, and that would not be a good scientific basis for a policy of passports,” Archard says.

2. Discrimination. Such passports will be used to give people who are vaccinated and presumed to have immunity the ability to do things that others cannot. Others who choose not to get vaccinated despite being offered the vaccine may also lose out on opportunities. There is a danger of stigmatizing individuals who lack certification, even if they already have natural immunity, and Archard suggests you may also penalize people who are already at a disadvantage because of certain inequalities.

3. Privacy. These passports could mean that personal health data is shared with third party companies. “Could it be used in ways that are unfair, that are stigmatizing, and that are prejudicial to the interests of individuals? Exactly how it is put into practical effect would also raise reasonable ethical concerns that would need to be addressed.”

4. Variants. Most countries are in the early stages of the vaccine rollout, and given concerns about the impact of existing variants on the ability of vaccines to offer protection, it would be premature to introduce the passport system.

5. Fraud. The passports could encourage people who have not been vaccinated yet or have chosen not to be vaccinated to get certification on the black market, according to Hunter. So if passports are adopted, he says, “it has to be done in a way that is not subject to fraud”."


It all starts with incremental infringements on your personal privacy. Masks have had zero effect, yet we complied. Vaccines won't help yet you comply, NOT ME. And now a vaccine "passport"? So like a social credit score. Do what we say or your priveleges to participate in societal norma will be curbed. OBEY THE STATE!!

Vaccines aren’t bulletproof, continue with temp checks then lift mask mandate outdoors in 2022 , continue masks indoors till numbers are way down

I totally understand what you are saying and in the article itself I talk about the majority of people saying 'no. My thought process behind the title was due to having thought a massive majority of our readers would say 'no' but when the results came in I thought 44% of voters saying 'yes' was somewhat surprising. Just trying to point that out but totally see your point that the title could have been 56% of voters say 'no' to vaccine passports for theme parks. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Maybe the headline should read "56% say No to vaccine passports"
You don't need a passport , you receive a card stating you where vaccinated with the dates when you receive the shots. Maybe people should hold on to those.

I understand the privacy concerns, but also understand that businesses are liable for the safety of their clients. I see a middle ground. Under current circumstances, a vaccine passport isn't needed, but if there is a surge again, I can see Disney requiring proof of vaccination.

Puzzling. Instead of the subject title stating 56% of the participants voted no, you posted the minority vote.

Bottom line, the majority of those voting were not in favor of this, for what ever reason.

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