It has only been a week since Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but in that time we've seen massive crowds, an unfortunate amount of downtime, and not one but two policy changes in regards to park opening. And though it seems strange that Disney didn't anticipate the massive crowds that have shown up for this attraction (or the technical difficulties this attraction would encounter in its opening day), it looks like they may, at long last, have settled on a new policy that will ensure as many people as possible can experience this attraction over the next few weeks while interest in this new ride is still very high. 

Morning Extra Magic Hours canceled, evening Extra Magic Hours scheduled for Disney's Hollywood Studios

Image: Disney

One of the big complaints about this past weekend's operations at Disney's Hollywood Studios was the park's early opening during Sunday's Extra Magic Hours. Not only did the park open early to regular day guests less than an hour after Extra Magic Hours began, but Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which Disney previously confirmed was not going to run during Extra Magic Hours, opened early as well, which contradicted the earlier report and led to a lot of confusion and disappointed guests, who didn't think to try and get boarding passes early. 

However, effective immediately all Morning Extra Magic Hours scheduled at Disney's Hollywood Studios have been removed for the foreseeable future (they were previously scheduled on December 15 and 22 before the end of the year) and have been replaced with evening Extra Magic Hours on these same dates from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Though unconfirmed, we'd guess that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will remain open during this time to accommodate late boarding groups from resort guests. Disney could possibly implement some kind of stand-by wait for resort guests during this time as well, but again, nothing is confirmed right now. 

Image: Disney

And though the Extra Magic Hours change is certainly interesting, there's another policy change happening this week at Disney's Hollywood Studios as well that will affect how early guests will need to wake up in the morning if they want to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. 



How do you get to the park an hour early if buses don't run until 45 minutes prior to park opening time?? I have a larger group going in two weeks and am hoping to figure that out!! Thanks!

In reply to by Cindy Kopf (not verified)

The busses have been running to DHS a little early but if you want to make sure you're near the front of the line I'd recommend taking a Lyft around 5AM from your hotel to the park. You might have to split up your group but you'll get there.

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