Putting guests in the middle of a movie isn't a new concept for theme park attractions. Whether it is a simple "book report" attraction like Peter Pan's Flight, or something more complex that puts guests into the universe of a film using a new narrative like Avatar: Flight of Passage, its no secret that guests love experiencing the excitement of seeing their favorite worlds and characters in theme park attractions. 

However, though there have been plenty of leaps forward in technology and theming over the years to make rides more immersive and "real" feeling, at the end of the day, guests always know they're on a ride. Though you are supposed to be riding a Magical Motorbike at Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, you can see the ride track from the queue, and though the theming is fun, at no point do you not know you are on a roller coaster. 

Image: Disney

But Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is different. We won't get in to spoilers (yet), but this is the first ride that doesn't feel like a ride. It is an experience. There are several parts of the attraction that will see guests riding, standing, running, and yes, even riding their way through an adventure on a scale that simply didn't seem possible before now. 

At no point do you see attraction track. Cast Members are an integral part of the attraction and help to tell the story in unanticipated ways. Parts of the experience are genuinely surprising. You may think you know where something is going, and then your expectations are completely upended. The experience is especially thrilling for frequent theme park-goers, who likely have some pre-conceived notions about the limits of what is possible at a theme park attraction, that will all be shattered once this 20-minute adventure has concluded.

Image: Disney

Trust me when I say this attraction has no peer at Walt Disney World, or even in Orlando. It is the first attraction of its kind, and points to a future of theme park rides where anything is possible. 

Now if you want to go in to this attraction blind (and we suggest that you do), you can stop reading here with this hearty endorsement: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is an excellent attraction, and if you can experience it this winter, do it!

Now, for those who have already experienced this ride (or those who enjoy spoilers), read on to the next page for more details about this unique, one-of-a-kind attraction. 


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