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Here's What We REALLY Thought About Epcot Forever, Epcot's New Nighttime Spectacular

3. The flying kites are pretty cool

Image: Disney

Though the special effects are underwhelming overall, one cool element that we were excited to see in person was the flying kites, which zoom around the World Showcase, flashing lights and sparks throughout the World Showcase. It may not be the most technically advanced effect in the world, but it definitely gets a reaction from the audience, and is a great attention grabber that sets this nighttime spectacular apart from other shows at Walt Disney World. 

4. Epcot Forever isn't exactly cutting edge, but it works as a temporary stopgap 

Image: Disney

Epcot Forever is a nice little show, and is definitely worth seeing if you find yourself at Epcot in the next year. And though the lack of effects (or a cohesive theme beyond general Epcot nostalgia) might be off-putting for some, this temporary show works perfectly well as something to fill the nighttime sky before HarmouniUS debuts sometime next year. 

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