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Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach: Which is better head-to-head?

Overall Theming

 Steve Bozak, Flickr (license)

Image: Steve Bozak, Flickr (license)

Blizzard Beach, as all Disney theme parks do, has a story. According to lore, at some point in the 1990s, a snowstorm shocked the state of Florida and dropped inches and inches of white fluff. To capitalize on the event and provide a bit of wintertime fun, an enterprising alligator founded a ski resort for locals to enjoy. Unfortunately, the snow began to melt in the southern heat, and as such, the ski slopes turned into water slides.

While it might sound silly, the theme is ever-present throughout the park, from the charming faux ski-lift ride from the base of Mount Gushmore to its peak, to the ski lodge near the park entrance, to the gear and signs littering the property. It’s an incredibly clever idea that Disney totally runs with, even going so far as to have cold water dripping in spots where the snow would be “melting.”

Typhoon Lagoon also has a story, but it’s much simpler: One day, a tropical waterside resort was hit by a massive typhoon, sending water, debris, and even a shrimp boat flying through the village. The boat eventually came to a rest atop Mount Mayday, while the water flowed out through ridges and creeks that proved fun to slide down. In the aftermath of the “storm,” the water park was born.

Everywhere you look, you see references to this small resort village, as well as the toll nature took on it. The enormous Miss Tilly boat at the peak of the mountain is a joy to behold, and the other thematic elements — such as the wave pool’s enormous wall — tie together a visual aesthetic that screams south seas beauty.

Blizzard Beach’s story and ironic detachment is charming, but when it comes to the whole package — from greenery to music to sets — Typhoon Lagoon’s theming is just perfect.

In all, both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach offer something unique, and they each are the best park for a different kind of person. If you’re the type to look for the best slides, the most exciting thrills, and the most to do, Blizzard Beach is absolutely the place for you. If you want more laid back entertainment, a tropical drink, and a float along the laziest lazy river of all, Typhoon Lagoon is more your speed.

If you can’t decide, lucky you —  Disney Water Park admission actually includes access to both parks in the same day. So, you can enjoy both and then decide which one was the best to you.

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