Quick, what’s the scariest thing that can happen on a theme park attraction? No, I’m not talking about getting seated next to someone who really needs to shower. And no, I’m not talking about serious injuries or the like. I’m referencing something that happens more often than you’d expect…or like. Sometimes, the one way off of a ride is the hard way. Here are the Disney rides that get evacuated the most.

10. Spaceship Earth

What causes a ride evacuation? Disney is passionate about safety to the point that any significant disruption can shut down an entire attraction. When ride carts are in inconvenient locations on the track, the only option is to walk or transport the guests off the attraction.

Sometimes, the explanation isn’t Disney’s fault, either. For example, a frequent cause of ride evacuations is – I kid you – people getting off of rides in the middle of the journey! Sensors are in place to signal when this happens, and an automatic shutdown gets triggered. In the case of an attraction like Spaceship Earth, cast members attempt to re-start your Time Machine aka ride cart before walking you off the ride.

9. Toy Story Mania!

Image: DisneySomething that will surprise you about this list is that some of Disney’s greatest thrill rides aren’t on this list. Conversely, some of the gentlest attractions at Walt Disney World tear up frequently and require evacuations. Part of the explanation is that evacuations are rare for most major attractions.

During a recent 24-month period, only seven attractions averaged more than one evacuation per month, an extremely impressive number. A takeaway from this fact is that entries #10-#8 on this list are much less susceptible than the top seven. Only three (or arguably four) entrants are incredibly vulnerable to ride shutdowns.

At Toy Story Mania!, the explanation is simple. People get into the game too much and sometimes grow reckless because they're overly excited. Since these ride carts bounce around a lot, anyone dislodged from a cart is in peril. When sensors recognize an incorrect guest count in the ride vehicle or abnormal movement on the tracks, they shut down. 

Restarts are relatively straightforward at Toy Story Mania!, and so that's the outcome most of the time. Evacuations mainly occur when the track needs maintenance or security is required at the time. 

8. Splash Mountain

The issue with Splash Mountain is the water. I'm not joking. Imagineers rely on sensors for many of their automated safety checks. As you're about to see, water rides are a nightmare in this regard. Yes, Disney employs waterproof technology for its sensors, but the situation is more complicated than that. A splash of water can dislodge a sensor or cause an inaccurate reading.

On some rides, a restart is more complicated, but Splash Mountain doesn't fall into that category. It's relatively easy to reset. This attraction only required 21 evacuations in a 24-month period. The numbers will increase from here…and a couple of them will either blow your mind or terrify you or both.



I have been going to the Walt Disney World Resort for the last six years or so and I never have been evacuated off of a ride before. Until this last Sunday night, we were evacuated off the Splash Mountain right before the final drop. It was a cool experience as a whole.

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