7. Peter Pan’s Flight

Image: DisneyOne of the subtle causes of ride shutdown is beyond Disney’s control. Some guests take longer to depart their vehicles. In specific instances, an individual may trip and fall. It’s easy to do on rides that don’t slow down at the end. You’ll be expected to jump off while the vehicle is still in motion.

Some people aren't that coordinated, and everyone stumbles from time to time. When this happens on a precisely timed ride, it throws every other part of the attraction into chaos. In some instances, it's the equivalent of throwing a wrench into the gears of a large machine. It could easily cause an evacuation, especially if someone's ride vehicle is located in a troublesome position when the shutdown occurs.

6. The Barnstormer

Image: DisneyDon’t laugh. When guests require evacuation from roller coasters, it’s not easy. There’s a reason why these rides have side paths and emergency ladders scattered along the tracks. The speed of the attraction isn’t relevant when you’re stuck in a high place, either. So, while The Barnstormer may be the equivalent of a bunny hill for hardy theme park tourists, it’s still no fun to get evacuated from here. The good news is that its top height is 30 feet, something you’ll appreciate if you ever have to climb down from here.

5. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Do you know what's creepy? Imagine being stuck in a room full of Audio-Animatronics for an extended period. Their movements loop and their audio tracks do as well. So, you'll see and hear the same things over and over again, a potentially disturbing experience. The most evacuated ride at the top of this list includes a beautiful song that would become a form of torture if you were forced to listen to it 15 times in a row.

On the Winnie the Pooh attraction, a couple of the sets feature intentionally creepy visuals. Even the ones that aren't like the happy play times still come across as unsettling when you sit there and watch them long enough. Out of all the entries listed here, this one is most likely to cause nightmares long after the fact. Fortunately, it only requires evacuation a little over once per month. Everything else remaining on this list gets evacuated much more regularly.

4. Kali River Rapids

Out of the attractions listed here, this is the only one that I’ve ever watched get evacuated in person. I wasn’t on the ride at the time, just waiting in the FastPass queue when it happened. Due to its raft system and sprawling water track, Kali River Rapids is extremely difficult to evacuate.

When a raft gets stuck in the wrong place, cast members must ask the local fire department to save the guests. As part of the removal process, Disney sometimes has to drain water from the ride. You can imagine what that does to Kali River Rapids for the next few hours. Fortunately, this happens less than twice a month.



I have been going to the Walt Disney World Resort for the last six years or so and I never have been evacuated off of a ride before. Until this last Sunday night, we were evacuated off the Splash Mountain right before the final drop. It was a cool experience as a whole.

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