Theme park tourists who love Disney theme parks hear the criticisms all the time. Your friends tease you about your perennial trips to Disney, wondering why you don’t go to Las Vegas or the beach or somewhere more “normal.” These conversations are rarely substantive since your friends have pre-judged your behavior. What if you could flip the script, though? What are the attractions at Disney that would cause any “normal” person to fall in love with the parks? Here are seven of the best attractions to sell your friends on Disney.

Avatar Flight of Passage

Image: DisneyWhat are the preconceived notions that Disney haters have about the parks? One is that all of the rides are old and stale. Outsiders have heard about Space Mountain and It’s a Small World literally their entire lives. It triggers a perception that a Disney theme park is a place where time stands still.

Disproving this philosophy takes four minutes, well two hours and four minutes if you factor in the wait to ride Avatar Flight of Passage. It frequently has a two-hour wait for the simple reason that it’s a brilliant form of escapism. Augmented reality is still a nascent technology, but Disney already seems to have mastered the premise with this exploration of the world of Pandora. Your friends won’t believe how life-like this fictional place seems thanks to the genius of Imagineering.

Expedition Everest

Image: DisneyDisney doesn’t do adult thrill rides, right? You’re well aware of this particular criticism. You’ve heard it from many people over the years. These Disney neophytes believe that Mad Tea Party is the roughest ride at Walt Disney World.

Feel free to play up this falsehood as you travel to Expedition Everest. Nod your head politely, indicating that the other member of your party is totally right. You might even want to take them on something calm like Na’Vi River Journey first to convince them that Disney’s full of genteel rides.

Once your guest boards Expedition Everest and rides up the Forbidden Mountain, you’ve got them right where you want them. Around the moment when they see the train tracks up ahead, feel free to start laughing hysterically at their impending danger. That sucker *ahem* close friend is about to get shot backward into the darkness, and they’ll be going roughly 50 miles an hour when it happens. After the ride is over, rub their nose in the fact that they thought Disney didn’t have any thrill rides worthy of adrenaline junkies. Your companion deserves the teasing.


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