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5 Game-Changing Hacks Every Woman Needs at Walt Disney World

4. Moleskin (for EVERYTHING)

Happily Ever After Fireworks around Cinderella Castle

Image: Disney

All hail Moleskin—and no, we aren’t talking about those fancy journals.

Moleskin is a soft stick-on padding similar to a very thick bandage. You can cut it to whatever size you like and use it to prevent blisters or abrasions from just about anything. Most people usually cut a strip and place it on the back of their heels to prevent blisters. It’s so popular that some Walt Disney World gift shops actually sell it (though it will be much cheaper if you get it before your visit).

However, basic blister prevention isn’t the only way to use Moleskin. One of the most helpful uses I have found for it is to switch where it is applied. I wrecked the heels of my tennis shoes on a Walt Disney World vacation and started getting blisters from the spots where the fabric had worn down. Instead of applying moleskin to my heel every day, I cut a piece and applied it inside my shoe over the abrasive fabric. It held for months! This is an especially nice trick for dress shoes or sandals with sharp or abrasive edges.

You can apply moleskin just about anywhere that clothing is causing discomfort. They’re great for covering that pesky spot in your favorite bra where the underwire has poked out or quick-sealing any tears or holes in your bag or clothes by a applying a piece from the inside of the bag or garment to get you through the day. They’re also nice for purse straps that start rubbing into your neck or shoulder. Oh, and don’t count on picking it up at Disney First Aid. They usually use band-aids for blister care. Moleskin is one of the few items they usually don’t have!

5. Dry shampoo to tame your Merida hair

Merida at Magic Kingdom

Image: Disney

I honestly didn’t even know what dry shampoo was until I moved to Florida—the land where it feels like your hair will never be dry or frizz-free again. If you’re familiar with the annoyances of an oily scalp, hair that easily turns greasy, or hair that easily picks up frizz, dry shampoo might become one of your new favorite tricks on a Walt Disney World vacation.

The stuff usually comes as a powder or a spray. While you can DIY some for yourself out of cornstarch (if your hair is light) or cornstarch and cocoa powder (if your hair is dark), the easiest version to take on a Walt Disney World vacation is the spray variety. When you notice your scalp starting to show the first signs of oiliness towards the beginning of your trip, spray or dust a bit of dry shampoo on your roots and brush it out. The results can feel like magic—no need to wash your hair every single day of your vacation!

If your scalp tends to run extra-oily in the humidity, opt to bring a little travel bottle of dry shampoo with you into the parks to keep shine-prone hair in check. Some women also swear by it for de-frizzing hair too. For ladies who struggle with hair frizz, do whatever you can to keep your hair moisturized throughout your trip. Don’t rub your hair with a towel when you get out of the shower—opt to gentle squeeze moisture out with a cotton t-shirt instead. Some women also swear by boar hair bristle-brushes to prevent humidity frizz.

Ladies, what is your favorite hack for women visiting Walt Disney World?

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