Women enjoying Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Like Disney princesses, women who visit Walt Disney World come in all varieties. Some always look picture-perfect, ready to let it go and celebrate dreams come true like Cinderella or Elsa. Others are more practical, staying comfortable, planning sensibly like Belle or Tiana. Others arrive with a mission in mind, ready for war like Merida, Mulan, or Leia.

Then there's those of us who wake up like Anna-- frazzle-haired, drooling, and confused what day it is-- or rather, that's how we might look half-way through a Disney day.

Whether you’re completely extra or just like to keep things simple, most women who love Walt Disney world can agree we all want to stay comfortable and look good, especially in vacation pictures. I am not a particularly girly-girl (I seriously own an Indiana Jones fedora for myself), but I think I can safely say I am not alone in the struggle to want to avoid unnecessary discomfort on a long Disney day while still looking presentable. Between Florida’s sweltering humidity and the likelihood that you’ll probably walk an average of 10,000 steps (5 miles!) on a standard Disney day, it can be difficult for a girl to keep it together.

We gathered a few of our favorite game-changing hacks for ladies visiting Walt Disney World who want to stay comfy and look good while doing it. Whatever type of Disney-gal you are, whether you’re honeymooning like Jasmine or a super-mom like Elasti-Girl, some of these tricks might prove a game changer on your next Walt Disney World vacation.

1. Blotting paper to combat Florida’s humidity

3 Women at Epcot Food and Wine Fest

Image: Disney

Florida is one sopping wet place. Particularly if you will be visiting in the warmer months between May and October, you might feel like Olaf confronted with a fireplace from the minute you step off the plane. Whether you wear make-up or not, a face full of sweat isn’t the most pleasant experience while touring the Most Magical Place on Earth.

If you aren’t familiar with blotting papers for managing facial shine, you may have never considered bringing them along on a vacation. These little sweat-tissues can prove a life-saver during a Walt Disney World visit. Unlike traditional tissues, blotting papers do a much better job absorbing sweat and moisture, leaving your face clean and shine-free. They’re also great for removing sweat and foundation smudges from cell phones, as well as for cleaning up eyeliner or mascara that is starting to melt into raccoon eyes.

If you don’t end up picking any up, you can DIY some impromptu blotting paper out of—and I’m not making this up—toilet seat liners. Obviously, a clean one, because a used one would very un-magical. If you tear one up into smaller pieces, no one is likely to realize where your genius blotting paper came from. There’s one for #lifehacks!


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