$200 Tortoro Collection

World Showcase at Epcot is one of the best places to do a bit of gift shopping. With authentic items from the countries featured in each pavilion, as well as some creatively themed extras to suit the locale, you can shop around the world while strolling along the lagoon. While many items are surprisingly affordable, you’ll also find several pieces that are quite a splurge, reserved for guests willing to spend hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars on a single souvenir.

1. Japan pearl necklace - $3,650

Pearl Necklace in Japan

You can have a pearl plucked from your very own hand-picked oyster in the Japan pavilion, but if you want to be sure you’re getting a great find, just splurge on a necklace with a flawless pearl already in it. This one is just $3,650, but others are on display as well if it’s not quite your style.

2. China vase - $2,400

Jdz Vase in China

The vase collection in the China pavilion makes most other souvenirs from around the world look cheap. Fortunately, these price tags all include the outrageous “was” price for each item. With this in mind, the $2,400 Jdz Vase is a positive steal since it was $8,900. Other items in the collection are similarly priced (and purportedly discounted), such as the “Vase Dragon” that was $3,600 and is now $1,800, or another Jdz Vase that’s $2,200 down from $4,300.

3. Germany cuckoo clock - $1,600

Cuckoo Clock in Germany

The impressive collection of Cuckoo clocks in Germany features many stunning choices. While you can get a small clock for just a few hundred dollars, a prime centerpiece like this one will cost you $1,600. The times on the clocks are staggered so if you hang out long enough, you’re sure to see at least one go off. Persistent visitors can see them all if they linger throughout the hour.

4. Japan rocket model - $799

Models in Japan

In a glass case filled with Japanese cartoon characters, this rocket stands out for numerous reasons. Spanning the entire height of the case, it’s easily the largest item for sale. It also carries the heftiest price tag at nearly $800.



#4 is not a space shuttle model but rather it is a space rocket model not unlike those used during the Apollo missions.

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