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So it is official, an overriding yes for the question 'Do you want your theme park fix?' As of March 23 2020 we have 117 votes all yes to this question and 7 shares. This is slightly under my aim of 1000 but hey it is early days! I will keep all polls open so never worry you are too late to vote, keep voting and I will update you in every post about previous polls.

It has been a difficult few days since my last post with news of possible Disney Spring location closures and possible extended closures at Walt Disney World. I wanted to firstly acknowledge the Cast Members and all those employees of theme parks around the world. It is worrying time for most businesses financially and that inevitably has a knock on effect to the workers. 

Life always has stresses and strains and people often look to theme parks as their happy place where those stresses can be some what alleviated and the true focus on having fun with your family can be enjoyed. For all those people with a trip to Walt Disney World planned these are also disappointing times but as a lot of our readers are commenting and saying we all know that this virus must be brought under control. The need to protect the world from the spread of this disease has meant closures of theme parks around the world has been an unfortunate but necessary consequence.

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About me continued . . .

It is at times like this when I think we all become more grounded and realize what is really important. In my first post, The Coronavirus Poll - Don't Miss Your Theme Park Fix! March 19, 2020 Part 1 I started my (short and sweet) biography of me and I ended the first part as Nick and I started on a journey with our newborn son and Nick undergoing intensive radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. I don't think there is anything quite like being told you have a year to live (at the age of 30) to get perspective on what is really important. You review your bucket list and start trying to tick as many things off as possible. Nick's main focus was to obviously spend as much quality time with us. He was a very ambitious man so there was little time and lots to do! One of the things he had always wanted to do was to write a book so within the space of three months he extensively researched the history of Alton Towers and wrote Tales From The Towers which has a 4.8 star average on amazon.co.uk and was described by one reviewer as a  "Superb book. Well written and very insightful. A Must for any theme park fan especially Alton Towers. Loved it." This was a massive success and a huge achievement and a big tick on the list. The story doesn't end there so I will fill you in with the next part of our story in Part 3.

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Poll: When the gates open which ride will you run to first at Disney's Magic Kingdom?

We are waiting patiently for normality to resume, for the parks to open, the cast members to go back to work, for the visitors to eagerly visit and for life as we knew it to resume its normal day to day course. While we wait I have been thinking about our next poll. It is simply this: When the gates open which ride will you run to first at Disney's Magic Kingdom? Now, some of you may be lucky to have a trip planned, some may be saving to visit in the future, some may have never been but would love to. It doesn't matter, I just want to find out which is the ride you are most looking forward to when those gates open. The results may be different to what we think? We start with The Magic Kingdom, but don't worry Universal fans and fans of theme parks all around the world. We will give time to as many of the 80+ theme parks as we can over the next few months. 

Disney's Magic Kingdom, Castle
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Our Park Guides Page gives you all the information you need about all the rides at Disney's Magic Kingdom along with 80+ other theme parks around the world which makes it the perfect resource when planning your trip or when dreaming of where you will visit and what you will ride one day in the future.



I always make for Buzz lightyear space ranger spinner ride. It's our warm up ride

Hopefully my family and I get a chance to be there been waiting on vacation for a minute last time were down there my daughter was 3 now she's 7 very excited about vacation but unfortunately I had to let her know Disney world was close at the this time she was very upset I told her hopefully they will be back open. Hopefully my daughter dream come true. Thanks chantrise Terrell

I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit when the crisis has settled and the parks are open again.

The first I would want to ride isn’t even listed, the seven dwarfs mine traine!

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